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These are the full, expanded threads from the preserved GameFAQs threads. I had to exercise some wicked Perl voodoo to extract the actual text, bad HTML and all, from the archives provided by RockMFR 5 (and DistantSpring54), and patch up the code so it's valid. We couldn't preserve the links to the author name or message detail because they don't seem to work anymore.

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Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/16/2003 12:47:12 PM

Well today my luck has completely changed, i have only managed to finish one run today which was a 601, with a 10 and a frog just about to be sucked in. This run had the fastest first half ever, unfortunately i had the worst third quarter ever, resulting in me being behind schedule for the last quarter and missing out on the above things and a five pellet and a dwarf, plus i had tons of misfilings and deaths.

I feel slightly disheartened now, and i dont know if i will play anymore today, what with there being footy on tv tonight and all.

Looks like we are both in a rut Rogue.

Posted by Superb1x - 7/17/2003 1:58:36 AM

These records, Wario Ware, Inc. records... I'm owned in everything.

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Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/17/2003 7:08:50 AM

Even worse today, after an hours worth of runs, i havent got past mamuta once. Im hoping my luck will turn again soon.

Posted by SuperStein - 7/18/2003 1:33:22 AM

Congrats to Rouge and mike on their new scores. I'm taking off my hat and hair before I kneel in front of you guys.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder...!

Posted by Rogue7 - 7/18/2003 1:42:24 PM

Ratfarts. I finally got a few runs where the frogs gave me some blue 5's, but nothing to show for it. One in particular was very fast, but full of MD's and some dumb mistakes at the end. It ended up a 583 with a 10, 5 and 1 that should have gotten in if I paid more attention. Although the last few days have been very frustrating, I feel like I'm close and just have to stick with it.

Hey Stein, good to see you're back.

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 7/18/2003 1:43:51 PM

With regards to The Champ's IS 253 score that was unaccepted, I looked at Tomatoman's archives and decided that makes sense why it was rejected. It was a remarkably high score then. Just because it isn't a super record score now, doesn't mean it can be accepted without verification. I've now marked the score on my website as "not accepted."
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Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/18/2003 2:44:58 PM

I was so close to a 637 today, unfortunately a frog was just being sucked in the onion at the end, and a fiery i put pikmin on never arrived, so im guessing i mustnt have threw enough pikmin on it to make it move as it had plenty of time to get back, i ended up with a 621. I got runs of 618 and 620 last nite which i made errors in towards the end as well.

Anyway Rogue, hopefully i can put more distance between us before you get on a hot streak :), and i hope your not too distracted with the golf, its helping my pikmining since i dont have to stop playing at 6pm to watch the simpsons because the damn golf is on all day on that channel.

Nice to see you back stein.

Posted by Master Bowser782 - 7/18/2003 3:28:06 PM

congrats mike! pity you couldn't tape it though :P. keep up the good work!
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Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/19/2003 7:51:19 AM

Thanx master bowser.

I got a 622 just now, which had a total of 14 deaths and one misfiled 5 pellet, and i ignored the fiery completely. 10 of the deaths were mysterious, 6 on one frog and 3 on a bulbear and 1 on another frog.I also cocked up on another frog and he squished 4 of them.

Most of my runs now i am really fast in the first half, but i keep messing up in the last half and end up with scores in the low 600s. Im going to keep on pluggin until i break 630 though, ive been so close three times now.

Posted by Spunkypunky - 7/20/2003 4:53:41 AM

I suck my best is 102 pikmin
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Posted by Secrano - 7/20/2003 12:03:04 PM

Hey guys! Check this out! Finally I run a 278 Pikmin at The Impact Site earlier today! :-D I dislike the Iridescent Flint Beetle very much! But I got him at last! Heh, but I have no proof yet though. I have to fix the screenshot of Forest of Hope too.

"Time changes everything..."

Posted by Secrano - 7/20/2003 4:42:53 PM

Guess what!? I got 293 Pikmin on The Final Trial! 6 Pikmin from the total of 299. :-( I dislike the Wollywog.

"Time changes everything..."

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 7/20/2003 8:14:39 PM

I dislike the Wollywog
Me too. Everywhere it appears.
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Posted by SuperStein - 7/21/2003 2:39:11 AM

Fellas, have you ever heard a Dwarf Bulborb's cry for help?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder...!

Posted by Ice Man - 7/21/2003 5:01:50 AM

yes its annoying when the big one comes and chases you

Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/21/2003 7:47:21 AM

The Distant Spring - 632

One MD, one death by dwarf (last time i use yellows to kill a dwarf), two misfiled 5 pellets, and I ignored the fierys and got the extra wollywog instead.

Out of the 5 wollywogs at the end, i got two red 5's, two yellow 5's and just one blue 5. I had time at the end to correct the red 10 and to correct one yellow 5 and one red 5, unfortunately there wasnt time to correct the other two.

The reason I ignored the fierys is because at the third bell i was just behind schedule, and i didnt feel i had enough time to kill it. I probably could have but i wouldnt have had time to correct all the pellets that i did, and would have lost 8 points in misfilings compared to the 8 i would have gained from the fiery carcass.

This run wasnt taped either because it came after about 1.5 hours of absolutely hurrendous runs, mostly ending before the first bell, so i wasnt expecting a decent run at all.

Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/21/2003 7:50:06 AM

I always forget this

Combined Total - 2260

Congrats to secrano on his IS perfect. Good luck perfecting FT soon.

Stein, I have noticed the dwarfs cry for help, i thought it was clever the way the adult borb would come and get you if it heard it.

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 7/21/2003 8:31:40 AM

*has eight simultaneous heart attacks, three seizures, and a stroke*
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Posted by Rogue7 - 7/21/2003 8:52:53 AM

New high:

DS ö 616
Combined Total ö 2244

One MD, three misfiled 5ās. This has been the only time Iāve gotten everything in using my latest strat. I might have been able to correct two of those 5ās, but they were in the middle of a bunch of stuff with time ticking down and I didnāt want to risk whistling guys off other items. A red 10 and 5 just got in as time ran out.

Mike, excellent work on 632, you continue to keep me at armās length. I donāt think I have much of a chance of passing you now, but Iāll be happy if I can hold onto 2nd for a few days (cue cocoapuffs to surface and knock me down·).


Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/21/2003 8:56:45 AM

Well done Rogue :)

I just knew you would be posting a new high score today. Maybe some competition between you and Cocoapuffs can push both your scores up and can put some more pressure on me.

Posted by Ninto - 7/21/2003 10:01:40 AM

I've played once through the main game and on my first Challenge Mode game, Impact Site, I got 163.

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Posted by Ahlyis - 7/21/2003 10:04:04 AM

You guys make me want to play Pikmin again and do better than that paltry 562 I have right now, not to mention the 412 on FN. But... I'm in the middle of trying to write a FAQ for THPS4 on the GBA. It's freaking huge, the FAQ that is. So much stuff to document! I've written FAQs before (and have them posted here on GameFAQs), but they were nothing compared to this one!

Still, once I get it finished, or if I need a break, perhaps I'll play some more Pikmin. :-)
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Posted by SuperStein - 7/21/2003 10:24:01 AM

You guys are crazy! Congrats to Secrano, mike and Rogue!

Simply amazing, 632... Mike.. ehm.. can I tape one of my good runs and send it to you? :P I need help!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder...!

Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/21/2003 12:30:20 PM

The Distant Spring - 636
Combined Total - 2264

3 mds on a wollywog, 1 death by fiery, 3 misfiled five pellets.

This was the first run i did after getting 632 earlier today. It was a super fast run, with the third bell going off on the way to the wollywog by the bridge. I killed the fiery after putting pikmin on the bridge, and collected the carcass when collecting the wollywog and five pellet by the bridge. I also put a pikmin on the yellow 1 pellet because i had 84 blues for the last section, but the pikmin got flamed by the fiery. I got 2 blue 5 pellets, but the rest were red/yellow and i misfiled them all, one on purpose (lack of time) but the other 2 were by mistake, with one just getting sucked up the blue onion when i called the pikmin off, and one went to the blue onion at the end when i was refiling the red 10.

The strangest thing about this run was that Mamuta squished 9 pikmin, and i nearly reseted, but i picked them and carried on and did everything else really fast.

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 7/21/2003 12:45:21 PM

*has 12 simultaneous heart attacks, 5 seizures, and 2 strokes, and is knocked out in a coma for 30 minutes*

Wow, I didn't know that was possible for a 15-year-old to do. Apparently 636 is very shocking.
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Posted by Rogue7 - 7/21/2003 1:32:23 PM

Wow, that's incredible, Mike. It looks like 640+ isn't much of a stretch and 650 is possible. Did you happen to get this on tape?

Oh, and for the record, you stink...

Posted by SuperStein - 7/21/2003 2:49:56 PM

My God! Mike is on fire!!!

I played Distant Spring a few times today, but I didn't score higher than 565. And I tried to calculate my strats theoretical maximum, but I ended up at 574.. which is one less than my record. I tried to count over everything several times, but I still ended up at 574.
My (own) original strat goes roughly like this. I sprout 100 Pikmin (14 red, 14 yellow and 72 blue), and these are all picked up from the ground some 20-30 seconds after the first bell rings. In this first part of the day I've collected six 1'pellets, four 5'pellets, 1 spotty borb (and another one killed), four dwarf borbs, a yellow wollywog (the one closest to the yellow onion) and the Puffstool. I kill the Mamuta, before I flower my 100 leaf Pikmin.

My journey continues to the double bridge area. I kill the wollywog, however, I don't collect it. After this I kill and collect the Spotty borb, the dwarfie, the fiery and puffy blowhog, I also collect the yellow 10, the two pellet possies and another dwarfie. I leave 20-25 Pikmin at the shortest bride, and put 3 on the longest before I kill/collect the pearl. After this I pick up the blue 10. (behind this pearl area). I take the rest of my blue pikmin to do some "Island jumping". I kill/collect 3 dwarfies and the red 10. I rush back to base (in a very good run the mid day bell would go off here), the red 10 is here now, and I whistle off my Pikmin. I take my 14 yellows and 14 reds and head for the Mamuta area. I put 10 yellows on the yellow 10, and 4 of each colour on the Mamuta, before I dismiss my 10 reds on the red 10 pellet.

Next stage, the long bridge which is required to collect the pearl at the "Fiery shore". I take my now 66 blue pikmin and kill/collect the wollywog and its droppings before I set 5 Pikmin on the bridge, and one on the blue 1 pellet. I "kill" the Pearly Clam Clamp and set three flowered Pikmin to carry the pearl. After this I kill/collect the wollywog at the smoky progg area, its 5 pellet and the blue 10. I rush back to base to save the 5 pellet from the wollywog by the long bridge from going into the wrong onion. I also collect the carcass of the spotty borb at the end of the long bridge. When I've got everyone of my Pikmin (85) gathered up I go into the largest area. I swarm the 3 dwarfies, kill the wollywog and puffstool. Then I'll kill/collect the dwarfie which is closest to the water. After this I'll place myself as close to the wall as possible, the yellow wollywog, which guards the red 10 pellet, should jump over to me, then I'll kill it. Then I collect the Puffstool carcass the red 10 closest to it and another dwarfie (Super good run: the bell will go off here). After this I'll take about 52-55 blue Pikmin and kill the spotty borb next to the little "inland" lake-watery-thing, and kill/collect the two pellet possies here. I kill the two wollywogs, and the pearly clam clamp. After this I collect the 2 wollywogs with droppings and the pearl. Then I'll go to collect the dead wollywog beyond where the puffstool used to be. And I'll collect the spotty borb carcass and the dead wollywog carcass by the little water. Then I head back to base to gather some Pikmin to collect the three dead dwarfies, sort out any wrong coloured 5'es on their way back and kill another dwarfie, it's to the left of the three dwarfies when you're coming from the base, it's "inside" this wood-thingy..

Well... HELP! I could really use some hints..

About this crying for help. I had never heard it before yesterday. I surrounded the dwarfie, and when my Pikmin where attacking, it raised its head and called out a "Meeeeeeeeeeeeh!!" with a really squeeky voice... Fascinating..

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder...!

Posted by Rogue7 - 7/21/2003 4:06:32 PM

Nice strat Stein, you have a good plan and a good handle on how many pikmin you have/need at all of the stages. Here are the only things I can point out:

-That dwarf at the end near the fire spout inside the trunk needs a bridge built to get in, so I would skip that one altogether.
-I would try to get the blue 20, itās a lot of points to leave out. What about collecting the frog and 5 pellet by the long bridge later and using those pikmin plus some extras to get it?


Posted by SuperStein - 7/21/2003 4:30:47 PM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by SuperStein - 7/21/2003 4:38:00 PM

So you mean I should just leave the carcass and 5 pellet by the long bridge. Take the blue 10, kill the wollywog by the 20 and collect the 20 pellet. It could work... but I'm concerned about the timing... it would take a lot more time for that big pellet to get back in..

Wait a minute... say I ignore both of the wollywogs... I take the blue 10... and later I swarm the blue 20 with the rest of my Pikmin... maybe I'll need to keep the wollywog busy while I'm doing this ...
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Posted by SuperStein - 7/22/2003 2:28:25 PM

573 is my highest score with this "new" strat. But I misfiled some pellets here... some MDs and a couple of sloppy deaths.. room for improvement that is..

Thanks Rogue. Anyone else who wants to help me a bit? :)

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder...!

Posted by cocoapuffs999 - 7/22/2003 8:44:37 PM

Wow congrats Mike and Rouge on your new scores. all this excitement makes me want to start playing Pikmin again.

Great job guys.

Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/23/2003 5:14:42 AM

Rogue, I never taped my 636, so i spent last nite playing with the tape running, and i got another 636 on tape.
I got 4 mds, 3 misfiled five pellets. Unfortunately, this run just isnt as impressive as my last one, and i made some silly errors, ones that cost only half a second, but are cosmetically poor, and when i see them i cringe with embarrassment.

My brother finally returned my copy of final fantasy 7 for the psone, and i promised my sisters that when he gave i back i would swop my cube for their psone so i can play ff7 and they can play monkeyball 2 whenever they want, so i have to break 640 pretty quick before the swop, or wait till i complete ff7.

Nice to see you back Cocoapuffs:-)

Nice strat stein, cant see any adaptations straight away, but if i do i will let you know.

DS54, im starting to worry about your health XD

Posted by Youkai Sesshoumaru - 7/23/2003 10:58:13 PM

Hi folks. Astounding stuff you're doing here. Gives the stuff we're doing on the Metroid Prime board a run for its money o_0

Anyone have videos for download of the perfected areas and/or the high scores of non-perfected areas? I'm sure I won't be able to duplicate them :P But I always like to see the accomplishments of other obsessive types :D
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Posted by SuperStein - 7/24/2003 7:52:55 AM

Woohoo! New record...

Distant Spring: 576
Combined Total: 2174

Improved by one! I had about 5-7 deaths on this run, and with some fine tuning and swift playing I can prolly squeeze in another Wollywog and a Dwarf Bulborb...

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder...!

Posted by Secrano - 7/24/2003 10:00:03 AM

I'm tired of the Burrowing Snagret on The Final Trial, so I'll start a bit on The Distant Spring, some strategies I could get from you guys?

Heh, good work on The Distant Spring Stein. =P
"Time changes everything..."

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 7/24/2003 10:09:43 AM

DS54, im starting to worry about your health XD

Don't worry, the heart attacks, strokes, and seizures all last about a microsecond before disappearing.
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Posted by Secrano - 7/24/2003 2:21:56 PM

What the..!? My first run on The Distant Spring after a looong time . Heh, only 348 Pikmin without any strategi though. :-( I dislike this stage! I didn't remember that the whole area was surrounded by Wollywogs and... and a Iridescent Flint Beetle! Help!!
"Time changes everything..."

Posted by TomatoMan - 7/25/2003 9:41:00 AM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by TomatoMan - 7/25/2003 9:42:25 AM

Hi everyone. :)

Sorry I haven't been around - Real Life still has me by the tyres. I'm not done with Pikmin yet - I need to bring my FN (400) and DS (515) scores up by a respectable amount so I can weasel my way back onto the top 10 combined, even in the #10 slot. Maybe next month I'll make one more run at it...

Meanwhile, I see you guys are still kicking, with Mike's fresh highs on DS (keep that VCR rolling Mike!) and Rogue7's 482 (did you tape it by any chance?) - amazing work, and I'm sure I've missed other accomplishments too. Congrats to you all!

Rogue asked me to post his latest scores for verification purposes

Cheers all,



Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/25/2003 11:43:43 AM

Great to see ya back Tomatoman :)

I got another 636 last nite, and then i got a 630 with a wollywog just getting sucked up, i was half a second away from a 638. Probably a good thing though since ive run out of video tapes.

Congrats on the new score stein, keep up the good work.

Posted by SuperStein - 7/26/2003 10:05:06 AM

Distant Spring: 588
Combined Total: 2186

I managed to squeeze in the ninth Wollywog in my strat. I had 5-6 deaths and a misfiled 5 pellet. If I could just get that last Dwarfie within reach.. I can, with an extreme amount of luck, break the holy 600 mark..

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder...!

Posted by SuperStein - 7/26/2003 10:10:35 AM

Ooops.. it seems as I have miscalculated my combined total..

Impact Site: 278
Forest of Hope: 569
Forest Navel: 460
Distant Spring: 588
Final Trial: 299
Combined Total: 2194

Sorry for any inconvenience...

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder...!

Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/26/2003 7:06:42 PM

Challenge Mode High Scores as of 7-26-2003

Impact Site:
1. 278 (TomatoMan, SuperStein, cocoapuffs999, Mikepharvey, Rogue7, Nathan Ian Bowers, Ahlyis, *Dragorn, *Secrano)

Other Top Scores:
10. 273 (Snapdragon, JimiThingR, Ferret5317, spenser, Cork)
15. 272 (Grenade Guzzler)
16. 270 (Xel23)
17. 269 (XquietusX)
18. 266 (Secrano)
19. 264 (topotheclass, robluvsnic)
21. 263 (GasMan)
22. 256 (i luv pikmin)
23. 253 (jakemrjr)
24. 246 (Lewellyn)
25. 242 (redpichead)
26. 240 (DistantSpring54)

Forest of Hope:
1. 569 (Snapdragon, SuperStein, Nathan Ian Bowers, cocoapuffs999, Rogue7, Mikepharvey, Ahlyis, *Grenade Guzzler, *JimiThingR, TomatoMan, *Dragorn, *Secrano)

Other Top Scores:
13. 568 (topotheclass)
14. 557 (XquietusX)
15. 544 (spenser)
16. 532 (QYN)
17. 528 (redpichead)
18. 524 (Xel23)
19. 513 (DistantSpring54)
20. 490 (Lewellyn)
21. 477 (Ice Man)
22. 469 (Ferret5317)
23. 466 (Kingfisher)
24. 450 (jakemrjr, smoky progg)
26. 444 (robluvsnic)

Forest Navel:
1. 482 (Mikepharvey, Rogue7)

Other Top Scores:
3. 460 (*SuperStein)
3. 452 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
5. 451 (Dragorn)
6. 445 (cocoapuffs999)
7. 439 (Snapdragon)
8. 421 (JimiThingR)
9. 420 (XquietusX)
10. 412 (Ahlyis)
11. 400 (TomatoMan)
12. 397 (redpichead, Ferret5317)
14. 389 (Xel23)
15. 388 (Grenade Guzzler, Master Bowser782)
17. 379 (robluvsnic)
18. 377 (Nai)
19. 375 (topotheclass, Kingfisher)
21. 364 (PatricSim)
22. 349 (jakemrjr, shyunein)
24. 335 (shortyschlosser08)
25. 332 (smoky progg)

Distant Spring:
1. 636 (*Mikepharvey)
2. 616 (Rogue7)
3. 615 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
4. 611 (*cocoapuffs999)
5. 588 (SuerStein)
6. 582 (Ferret5317)
7. 562 (Ahlyis)
8. 554 (XquietusX)
9. 542 (GrenadeGuzzler)
10. 516 (Snapdragon)
11. 514 (TomatoMan)
12. 507 (redpichead)
13. 501 (JimiThingR)
14. 482 (Nai)
15. 469 (Master Bowser782)
16. 450 (DistantSpring54)
17. 443 (topotheclass)
18. 441 (Xel23)
19. 439 (jakemrjr)
20. 437 (robluvsnic)
21. 402 (whitemage 200)
22. 399 (soulja246)
23. 397 (yoshifan18)
24. 370 (smoky progg)
25. 361 (Kingfisher, Ice Man)

Final Trial:
1. 299 (Snapdragon, Ahlyis, SuperStein, Rogue7, Mikepharvey, cocoapuffs999, Nathan Ian Bowers, *JimiThingR, TomatoMan, *Dragorn, Grenade Guzzler)

Other Top Scores:
12. 295 (XquietusX)
13. 293 (Secrano)
14. 286 (Master Bowser782)
15. 281 (redpichead)
16. 278 (jakemrjr, robluvsnic)
18. 267 (Ferret5317)
19. 266 (Lewellyn)
20. 262 (Secrano)
21. 260 (Ice Man)
22. 253 (supersonicfan)
23. 248 (Xel23)
24. 233 (shyunein)
25. 218 (Kingfisher)

Top Ten Combined Totals:
1) 2264 (Mikepharvey)
2) 2244 (Rogue7)
3) 2213 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
4) 2202 (cocoapuffs999)
5) 2194 (SuperStein)
6) 2120 (Ahlyis)
7) 2096 (SnapDragon)
8) 2095 (XquietusX)
9) 2070 (Grenade Guzzler)
10) 2063 (JimiThingR)

-Since Secrano's 569 and 278 are unverified, both Rob and DistantSpring54 stay on the leaderboard until the asterisk's are removed.
-This is my first time doing the leader board so there may well be mistakes.

Posted by Ice Man - 7/27/2003 4:52:37 AM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by Mikepharvey - 7/27/2003 7:18:28 AM

Do you mean FT 261 instead. That might be a bit confusing for whoever does the next update.

Posted by Ice Man - 7/27/2003 10:01:37 AM

thanks Mikepharvey stupid mistake FT 261

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 7/28/2003 8:31:11 AM

There don't seem to be any mistakes...
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Posted by Rogue7 - 7/28/2003 9:27:41 AM

Havenāt been able to frequent the board the last few days, Iāve been moving, so sorry in the delay of saying:

Thanks for posting my pic TomatoMan. Unfortunately, I did not get the FN 482 on tape, I didnāt think I was close to getting it at the time. If you get the chance, you should take up Pikmin again, youāre only three points off the top ten·

Nice work on DS Stein, no quitting now, with only 6 points to 2200 total and 12 to 600.

Glad you got a 636 on tape before sending your Cube off, Mike. Unbelievably, I have not unpacked my cube yet at the new digs·


Posted by DistantSpring54 - 7/28/2003 4:30:07 PM

Anyone have videos for download of the perfected areas and/or the high scores of non-perfected areas? I'm sure I won't be able to duplicate them :P But I always like to see the accomplishments of other obsessive types :D

You could go to and contact TomatoMan with that info. The highest Distant Spring run is Mike's 620 though.
Summer Contest: 17 <--Being updated
20 arrows, 13 bombs, 2/3 magic power, 18 hit points, ONE PIECE OF HEART?!

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