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These are the full, expanded threads from the preserved GameFAQs threads. I had to exercise some wicked Perl voodoo to extract the actual text, bad HTML and all, from the archives provided by RockMFR 5 (and DistantSpring54), and patch up the code so it's valid. We couldn't preserve the links to the author name or message detail because they don't seem to work anymore.

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Posted by Mikepharvey - 4/23/2003 4:58:31 AM

Ok guys, i recieved my dvd yesterday, and upon watching the NTSC runs from that i noticed that they seemed to run faster than in the PAL version. It didnt seem that they had less time than the PAL version, it just seemed like watching PAL in slight fast-forward.

Anyway, I timed the 3 NTSC runs on the DVD, and then timed them on my own PAL game and recieved the following results:

Level-----------PAL time (secs)-----NTSC time (secs)---Ratio
Impact Site---------777----------------648------------------------1.2
Forest of Hope----1363--------------1140-----------------------1.2
Final Trial-----------972----------------811-------------------------1.2

So the PAL times are consistantly 1.2 times longer.
But from watching the DVD it is obvious that PAL runs slower than the NTSC version. So my theory is that because PAL runs at 50Hz and NTSC runs at 60Hz, it would make sense for NTSC to run faster at a ratio of 60/50 or 1.2. So i think that PAL is 1.2 times longer because it runs 1.2 times slower.

I suppose you could say that PAL has the advantage over NTSC as it runs slower, so there is more time to react to events in the game and i suppose a discussion is needed on whether this advantage is too great for the scores to be mixed.

Anyway, leave your thoughts on this and state what you want to do with reasons.

I actually did this yesterday, and never had time to post it up, so i hadnt actually seen snap's post, which is why i have not timed distant spring.

Posted by TomatoMan - 4/23/2003 7:54:32 AM

Boy, I have to admit I'm really stumped on this one. I can see it both ways.

I do recall watching Mike's vids for the first time and saying "hmmm, this seems a little slow - wish the game ran like this for me!", at the time attributing the speed difference to a glitch in the transfer/encoding process. But I think Mike's reasoning makes perfect sense, and the numbers support the PAL/NTSC 50/60 discrepency perfectly. It seems that there are the same number of "frames" in a game regardless, but they play out 20% faster on NTSC systems. Or 18.7% slower on PAL systems, depending on your frame of reference (if my off-the-cuff math is right).

So you don't actually get any more or less "ticks" of the game clock to do your work in. Olimar doesn't have "more time" in the European version of the game. Things just move a little more slowly, which means you have a little more time to react to things, and ideally you'll make fewer careless mistakes.

My initial hunch is that it probably doesn't matter a whole lot when you're learing the CM levels and while you're still a good distance from the top scores, but by the time you've got your strats down, the final push to perfection (or very high DS scores) is largely eliminating the careless mistakes and fine-tuning the timing, and it does seem that having the game run slower would help with that.

How much? Without playing both I think it's very hard to say, and we'll all just have to speculate. I suppose from a "purist" perspective, the PAL and NTSC scores should be tracked separately - but who feels like doing that? Putting a little "(PAL)" annotation on top PAL scores doesn't seem quite fair either, because there's nothing a PAL player can do about it.

So, all this to say: I don't know what to do. I guess my tilt is towards doing nothing and just carrying on as we have. The top DS scores are so close together right now that I don't think we can conclude the advantage is gigantic. I'd feel a little better if someone else put up a 482 on FN on this side of the pond :) ... but I don't know, sometimes I think Mike's might be the only one we ever see. Then again, I thought that of many other scores that have been matched or passed.

BTW, nice to see you again Snap! I still need your address if you want a DVD, and I still need Nathan's and Ferret's too if they're out there. tm at!

- TM


Posted by Rogue7 - 4/23/2003 10:16:32 AM

DS54, thats some list. Kinda cool to know that nearly 50 people have posted scores for DS.

I too have been reading through the old volumes and found a few scores that would be on the top 20, notably topoftheclasss IS 264. Ill take a closer look and do my best to update.

I got the DVD! Many thanks to TomatoMan, its brilliantly done.

As for the PAL/NTSC (what do those stand for?) topic, my opinion is that we should not split the lists. It doesnt seem to me that having the game run slower would be an advantage because everything is slower. Of course, if we want to run a test, Ill volunteer to go overseas and see if I can go over 600 on DS. Mike, youd put me up, right?


Posted by SnapDragon - 4/23/2003 11:46:52 AM

Ok, thanks... it's good to know this. It makes sense that you don't actually get more actions in a day. Things just run at a slightly slower pace. Same problem as MK64, because the PAL players can multiply their MK64 times to "translate" them to NTSC, but that doesn't take into account the faster reaction times that are possible when playing a slower PAL game.

This would make something of a difference near the upper level. It doesn't diminish Mike's 482, of course; that's still an unbelievable score. It's not like the reason I never even approached it was just that my reflexes weren't fast enough. :) But it may not actually be feasible for those of us on this side of the pond to match the 482 run. The execution of the strategy is so incredibly tight, you just can't help being affected by having slightly slowed reflexes. :/ Pity. (I'm hoping somebody will prove me wrong)

I don't think it's required to split the rankings. It's a minor issue, and only slightly relevant even for the top few FN/DS scores. Pikmin is more of a strategic game than a twitch game, anyway.

Posted by Ahlyis - 4/23/2003 11:51:04 AM

Would you mind doing a simple experiment? Take a watch and, without doing anything in the game, time Distant Spring from the instant you can first move to the instant the day ends and you lose control. (ie, the exact period of time that you control Olimar) Ahlyis, Mike, could you both do this? I'd like to make sure the times end up the same.

I thought about trying this, but by itself, it isn't sufficient. As Mike pointed out, the rest of the game runs slower, so the longer time is balanced out... perhaps.

What you'd really have to do is something like this:

Start DS and hold 'down' on the controller so that you immediately start moving when you gain control. As soon as you reach a barrier, reverse and go 'up'. Do that until you hit a barrier, then reverse again. Keep bouncing back and forth between those two barriers. Count how many times you reach one of the barriers throughout an entire DS run of doing nothing but that. At the end of the day, note where you were, which direction you were going, and how many 'passes' you had completed.

If we could do something like that on both a PAL and an NTSC version, THEN we could get a much better idea of whether or not the games truly do give equal time to each version. Even so, there might still be some small differences like a frog having slightly more health, or being slightly more resistant to damamge, or Olimar throwing Pikmin slightly slower, etc.

Actually, now that I think of it, Pikmin tossing IS something which could be seriously affected here. I toss Pikmin as fast as I can press the button while c-stick swirling them. Having the game run slower would mean I could toss more Pikmin in the same amount of 'game' time. That could seriously add up over an entire run!

At this point, I can't see it as feasible to split the scoreboard. It would be impossible to go back and ask everyone which version they used. Too many of the score holders no longer check this board.
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Posted by DistantSpring54 - 4/23/2003 6:10:56 PM

I think PAL version has no advantage over NTSC, because EVERYTHING's speed is divided by 1.2. This includes Olimar, Pikmin carrying stuff, enemy movements, etc.
Even if there was, it should be cleared up by Pikmin 2 as I think both Mike and Rob are getting freeloaders.

Also, I'm sure my DS list isn't complete. I was mainly looking at high scores lists until they reverted to a top 5, where I checked the posts more carefully. I know I missed shyunein's scores because of that.

But I have a score that I forgot to report as well.
Impact Site: 240
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1652

Posted by SuperStein - 4/24/2003 9:22:46 AM

This PAL/NTSC difference doesn't actually surprise me at all... When I saw my first NTSC run I was sure that Olimar picked the Pikmin faster from the ground than he does when I'm playing... Oh well!

I know about one place we PAL players will have an advantage though, two words: Flint Beetle... That sucker runs around like crazy, but in the PAL version he should run slower (right?), so this gives us better time to aim!
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Posted by Mikepharvey - 4/24/2003 1:24:33 PM

Ahlyis, i did what you said, except in Impact site instead of Distant Spring because you dont bump into things in IS going up and down.

Anyway, go to impact site, press up at the beginning and when you reach the wall, turn around and keep going until you hit the wall, then repeat. Do this until the first bell and count how many times you do it, and where you were when the bell rings. If you dont change the camera angle, then it is easier to go in straight lines than slightly curve.

I turned 31 times and had just turned at the top wall for my 31st turn when the bell rang. If the NTSC players all do this and see if are results match.

As for throwing pikmin, i remember watching Snaps excellent FoH video and thinking that he threw his pikmin very fast, so either you can throw them faster in the NTSC version, or Snap is much better at throwing than me.

Posted by TomatoMan - 4/24/2003 2:17:53 PM

I think one of the questions regarding the pikmin-throwing issue is: does the hardware sync the sample rate from the controllers to the rate of display? Or is the hardware sampling rate fixed, and the output a separate and unrelated channel? I don't know enough about the hardware to answer that.

If I'm not mistaken, throwing flowered pikmin is significantly faster than throwing non-flowered ones - don't know if that's related.

In any event, I think the amount of time actually spent throwing pikmin in bunches, and the time saved doing so on a PAL version if it's true, would really be negligible over the course of a run, and that would only be if you're really mashing the button as fast as it can go, and are somehow "squeezing off" more throws per second on the NTSC version. And my hunch would still be that the game itself would limit the rate it happens at, because it has to draw animations and play sounds at a certain rate - all this to say, I really don't think there would be any measurable difference in the speed of throwing, and I don't think it would impact the times much, if at all.

I do agree with Stein that in "pressure" situations like fighting the flint beetle, or BLL, or other enemies that require more than rain-or-swarm tactics (maybe the frogs too), having things moving a little slower would help. But I also think beyond a certain point it's a question of what you're used to, and the tactics you develop stem from that. Nobody else on earth, as far as we know, has done a 482 on FN, in Europe, Asia or North America, at any clock speed. It sounds like we all agree that PAL players have a slight advantage in reflex-dominated situations, but that probably only plays out to impact scores at the very rarified levels of skill, and I think its impact is infinitessimal compared to the impact of plain old luck, and of course ability.

That's my instinct at this point, anyway.


Posted by SnapDragon - 4/24/2003 3:39:02 PM

"As for throwing pikmin, i remember watching Snaps excellent FoH video and thinking that he threw his pikmin very fast, so either you can throw them faster in the NTSC version, or Snap is much better at throwing than me."

Heh, somehow I seriously doubt that. :) In the NTSC version, I never run up on any sort of Pikmin-throwing speed limit; it goes as fast as I tap the button. Perhaps there actually IS a throwing-speed limit, and you're just running up against it? (Which pretty much nullifies the speed advantage when it comes to throwing Pikmin)

And glad you liked the video! With Pikmin 2 coming up, I definitely think I'm going to have to work out a new, more convenient video-capturing setup, and find somewhere online to put them. If I'm going to be any help at all in developing strats, anyway (which I'm a bit worried about :/ ).

Tomatoman: Well, I can't say I wouldn't have appreciated a bit more time to think while doing, say, Forest Navel. Sometimes you end up trying to do a lot of things simultaneously, and having the game run slightly slower basically lets you adapt to circumstances a bit faster. An advantage does exist. I just don't think it's especially serious (no way would I ever have gotten 482 on FN, regardless!).

I hope Pikmin 2 will be at E3... If so, I'll spend some quality time with it, and let you all know how it looks!

Posted by Rogue7 - 4/24/2003 4:54:24 PM

So my girlfriend (wife in two months) comes over last night and I show her the pikmin DVD that I just got. I cue up Mikes DS run and she says to me,

Why does it look like he goes so much faster than you?

I think it was Chris Rock who said, Id never hit a woman, but Id shake the **** out of one. Being one of these moments, I start to get up, but I look at her, and shes not joking. She honestly thinks that my play on a sped up system looks slower than Mikes on a slowed down one. Knowing all of these facts, I reply:

He has a European system and it looks faster because of the different frequencies Its, its complicated, Honey.

I wonder if this is how Michael Jackson feels when he says he hasnt had any plastic surgery

Anyway, hope you get some 411 about Pikmin 2 at E3, Snap.

P.S. Just to clarify, I was joking about shaking my girlfriend. In reality I would just pout until she felt guilty enough to bake me something.


Posted by Ahlyis - 4/24/2003 5:13:49 PM

Congrats Rogue, but I'm gonna beat you at this. :-) My 'girlfriend' (fiance really) becomes my wife in just over 1 month (June 2nd to be precise)! :-)
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by Mikepharvey - 4/25/2003 4:43:57 PM

Ok, i have a few comments and questions about the runs on the DVD.

Snap, in my opinion, your run was the one i found most interesting, because it was the only one that actually taught me anything. Things like killing the group of four dwarfs with a bomb was very clever and i was impressed with your skills at killing bulborbs with the rain technique. Your pattern was very different than mine, and it was good to see a level that big perfected in a completely different way.
It was also fun to see a close ending after TM and Ahlyis had perfects way before the end bell.

Ahlyis, i just wondered why you killed the two dwarfs outside the bll area with just olimar? Would it not have been quicker to kill them later on with all your pikmin you take back. Other than that, it was an excellent run.

TM, just excellent. It is a pity i copied you pattern, as i would have found this run much better, but i knew exactly what you were going to do so i kind of spoilt it for myself.

Anyway, is anyone going to test olimars speed on impact site as i mentioned previously?

Posted by Ahlyis - 4/27/2003 8:56:42 PM

Ahlyis, i just wondered why you killed the two dwarfs outside the bll area with just olimar? Would it not have been quicker to kill them later on with all your pikmin you take back. Other than that, it was an excellent run.

Well, I'd like to say that it is because I have to wait for the pellets to get back anyway, so I might as well kill them then. It actually does save time that way. But the truth is, I killed them that way more as a safety factor than anything else. It's not really dangerous to kill dwarfs with Pikmin, but killing them with Olimar involves no risk at all. Since I had enough time, I went ahead and put killing them with just Olimar in right there. Even that isn't the whole truth. Really, it was more a matter of they were there, I was passing by, why not kill them then. I built the pattern doing it that way and since I had enough time on the level, I never bothered to think much about it.
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by Nai - 5/1/2003 10:49:50 AM


Wow, I'm still in Distant Spring Top 15 _

End OT
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Currently playing: Pokmon Ruby

Posted by d2k3 - 5/3/2003 5:32:10 PM

my scores:

IS: 201
FOH: 324
FN: 247
DS: 294
FT: 191

Total: 1257
Pikmin Challenge Mode Scores: Impact Site 201, Forest of Hope 324, Forest Navel 247, Distant Spring 294, Final Trial 191, Total 1257

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/3/2003 5:38:49 PM

well I've been trying a strat on FoH that SHOULD, if I can work it faster, get me up to over 480
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1652

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/3/2003 7:00:14 PM

And... it did.

Forest of Hope - 490 - ON TAPE!!!
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1678

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/4/2003 6:39:15 AM

Having had an opportunity to review the 490, I realized I had about 13 deaths - meaning that this should have really been a 503. That Bulbear on the cliff with the group of 4 dwarf bulborbs is tricky, considering I only had 45 Pikmin to go after him.
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1678

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/4/2003 8:49:29 PM

I've made some high score labels:

N/A - Challenge Mode still locked
n00b - Less than 100 (you have to start w/ 100 minimum!)
Newbie - 100 to 500 total
Beginner - 501 to 1000 total
Intermediate - 1001-1500 total
Advanced - 1501-1750 total
Expert - 1751-1900 total
Master - 1901-2050 total
Elite - 2051-2200 total
Supreme Ultimate Legendary Pikmin Player - 2201+
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1678

Posted by Rogue7 - 5/5/2003 8:40:18 AM

Challenge Mode High Scores as of 5-5-2003

Impact Site:

1. 278 (TomatoMan, SuperStein, cocoapuffs999, Mikepharvey, Rogue7, Nathan Ian Bowers, Ahlyis, *Dragorn)

Other Top Scores:
9. 273 (Snapdragon, JimiThingR, Ferret5317, spenser, Cork)
14. 272 (Grenade Guzzler)
15. 270 (Xel23)
16. 269 (XquietusX)
17. 264 (topoftheclass, robluvsnic)
19. 263 (GasMan)
20. 253 (jakemrjr)

Forest of Hope:
1. 569 (Snapdragon, SuperStein, Nathan Ian Bowers, cocoapuffs999, Rogue7, Mikepharvey, Ahlyis, *Grenade Guzzler, *JimiThingR, TomatoMan, *Dragorn)

Other Top Scores:
12. 568 (topotheclass)
13. 557 (XquietusX)
14. 544 (spenser)
15. 532 (QYN)
16. 528 (redpichead)
17. 524 (Xel23)
18. 490 (Lewellyn, DistantSpring54)
20. 477 (Ice Man)

Forest Navel:
1. 482 (Mikepharvey)

Other Top Scores:
2. 470 (Rogue7)
3. 452 (Nathan Ian Bowers,*SuperStein)
5. 451 (Dragorn)
6. 439 (Snapdragon)
7. 430 (cocoapuffs999)
8. 421 (JimiThingR)
9. 420 (XquietusX)
10. 412 (Ahlyis)
11. 400 (TomatoMan)
12. 397 (redpichead, Ferret5317)
14. 389 (Xel23)
15. 388 (Grenade Guzzler)
16. 380 (Master Bowser782)
17. 379 (robluvsnic)
18. 377 (Nai)
19. 375 (topoftheclass)
20. 349 (jakemrjr)
20. 349 (shyunein)

Distant Spring:
1. 620 (Mikepharvey)
2. 615 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
3. 582 (Ferret5317, Rogue7)
5. 575 (SuperStein)
6. 554 (XquietusX)
7. 548 (Ahlyis)
8. 542 (GrenadeGuzzler)
9. 533 (cocoapuffs999)
10. 516 (Snapdragon)
11. 514 (TomatoMan)
12. 507 (redpichead)
13. 501 (JimiThingR)
14. 482 (Nai)
15. 469 (Master Bowser782)
16. 443 (topotheclass)
17. 441 (Xel23)
18. 447 (DistantSpring54)
19. 439 (jakemrjr)
20. 437 (robluvsnic)

Final Trial:
1. 299 (Snapdragon, Ahlyis, SuperStein, Rogue7, Mikepharvey, cocoapuffs999, Nathan Ian Bowers, *JimiThingR, TomatoMan, *Dragorn, Grenade Guzzler)

Other Top Scores:
12. 295 (XquietusX)
13. 286 (Master Bowser782)
14. 281 (redpichead)
15. 278 (jakemrjr, robluvsnic)
17. 267 (Ferret5317)
18. 266 (Lewellyn)
19. 260 (Ice Man)
20. 253 (supersonicfan)

Top Ten Combined Totals:
1) 2248 (Mikepharvey)
2) 2213 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
3) 2198 (Rogue7)
4) 2173 (SuperStein)
5) 2109 (cocoapuffs999)
6) 2106 (Ahlyis)
7) 2096 (SnapDragon)
8) 2095 (XquietusX)
9) 2070 (Grenade Guzzler)
10) 2063 (JimiThingR)

Congrats to Ahlyis on moving up the top ten totals list and to DistantSpring54 on cracking a few lists. I removed the asterisks from my two scores because I sent a pic to TomatoMan the other day, did you get it, TomatoMan?

Sorry if I missed any scores


Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/6/2003 8:18:16 PM

Rogue, I think you made a slight mistake regarding my DS placement!

This is what you have written:
15. 469 (Master Bowser782)
16. 443 (topotheclass)
17. 441 (Xel23)
18. 447 (DistantSpring54)
19. 439 (jakemrjr)
20. 437 (robluvsnic)

This is what is should be:
15. 469 (Master Bowser782)
16. 447 (DistantSpring54)
17. 443 (topotheclass)
18. 441 (Xel23)
19. 439 (jakemrjr)
20. 437 (robluvsnic)

I think I was in 18th place before and you just updated the score without changing the placement. It's an easy mistake to make, especially if you were short on time. Oh well! ^_^
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1678

Posted by Rogue7 - 5/7/2003 11:28:58 AM

Whoops, my bad DS54. Normally what I'll do is change the scores as they're posted, but wait until an update to change the order. This time I missed that, but the next one will be correct.

Would love to have a new score to report. I'm hoping that the Pikmin tournament(s) will get me motivated to go for some improvements...

If anyone is interested, go over to the Pikmin Golf thread and sign up for the tourney, there's still a day left!

Posted by cocoapuffs999 - 5/8/2003 4:58:08 PM

DS 551
Combined Total - 2127

I was going nowhere with my old strat so I decided to try a whole different strat today and blasted my old score by almost 20.

The run was pretty good until at the end when I called the blues of of the red and yellow tens. I swear I replaced them with enough pikmin of the right color but they both went into the blue onion.

Posted by cocoapuffs999 - 5/9/2003 6:29:50 AM

DS 559
Combined Total - 2135

Posted by cocoapuffs999 - 5/9/2003 6:56:06 PM

Combined Total - 2141

This run went very well. The max for my current strat is 572 so I going to have to tweak my current pattern a bit to get any higher.

Posted by Mikepharvey - 5/10/2003 9:31:32 AM

Congratulations on your new scores cocoapuffs. lets just hope you dont get a new record in our match :p

Posted by d2k3 - 5/10/2003 5:08:29 PM

my new scores:

IS 219
FOH 376
FN 328
DS 314
FT 209

Pikmin Challenge Mode Total: 1446

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/10/2003 5:09:53 PM

FT - 212 that leaves me with NO scores below the Nintendo Power guide's scores
total - 1685

BTW I'm making the complete lists again, this time for all the levels. It may take up multiple posts and I may not get it done for a while. It is 2200 posts (44 pages @ 50/page, or 110 pages @ 20/page)

I'm trying to get that 500 in FoH. It is extremely elusive... I almost got it but too many Pikmin died.
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1685

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/11/2003 6:53:03 PM

New score:

FoH: 500 finally.
Total: 1695.

BTW next 2 posts will be by me; they're the complete lists.
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1695

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/11/2003 7:09:58 PM

The Complete List is here! (part 1)

Challenge Mode High Scores, Complete List, as of 5/11/03
Impact Site: Perfect score 278
1. 278 (TomatoMan 3/26/02)
1. 278 (SuperStein 9/6/02)
1. 278 (cocoapuffs999 9/14/02)
1. 278 (Rogue7 10/9/02)
1. 278 (Nathan Ian Bowers 10/27/02)
1. 278 (Ahlyis 12/3/02)
1. 278 (Dragorn 1/3/03)
1. 278 (Mikepharvey ??/??/02)
9. 273 (SnapDragon)
9. 273 (JimiThingR)
9. 273 (Ferret5317)
9. 273 (spenser)
9. 273 (cork)
14. 272 (Grenade Guzzler)
15. 270 (Xel23)
16. 269 (XquietusX)
17. 264 (topotheclass)
17. 264 (robluvsnic)
19. 263 (GasMan)
20. 256 (i luv pikmin)
21. 253 (The Champ)
21. 253 (jakemrjr)
23. 246 (Lewellyn)
24. 242 (redpichead)
24. 242 (Secrano)
26. 240 (DistantSpring54)
27. 235 (Mythos78)
28. 234 (Master Bowser782)
29. 231 (Ice Man)
30. 220 (theshadowishere2001)
30. 220 (mvidal)
32. 219 (d2k3)
33. 217 (Psychosis555)
33. 217 (Kingfisher)
33. 217 (whitemage 200)
36. 216 (Otorock)
37. 214 (Emmit310)
38. 213 (yoshifan18)
39. 211 (M002)
40. 210 (shyunein)
41. 206 (Goombario)
42. 206 (prikmin)
43. 205 (Juggler)
44. 202 (flaming fejjery)
45. 200 (Bio Hazard)
46. 198 (Trent Easton)
47. 193 (squarex2003)
48. 191 (TopicMaster)
48. 191 (marvelvscapcom2freak)
49. 189 (pixel2)
50. 183 (tarot)
51. 181 (acote80)
52. 180 (Multi Koopa)
53. 179 (PokeTrainerAlex)
54. 178 (smoky progg)
55. 177 (HCGamer)
56. 173 (AdvanceGamer)
57. 172 (total immortal)
58. 169 (Vortyx)
59. 164 (Baby Yoshi)
60. 159 (BLAH38)
61. 157 (KirbMaster)
61. 157 (Turtleboy00)
63. 151 (AfronovaRaver)
63. 151 (Cybershell13)
63. 151 (Sage of Yougurt)
66. 142 (GaIYIi3IT)
67. 133 (squirreIboy)
68. 128 (ShadowNinjaGuy)
69. 124 (GtaGenocide)
70. 122 (MEMPHIS)
71. 117 (Vincents)
72. 102 (mecha shadow)
73. 099 (Dresnen)
74. 096 (northshark)
74. 096 (Mewst)
76. 079 (luigi mario)
77. 078 (tgeek12)
78. 069 (ekjl)

Forest of Hope: Perfect score 569
1. 569 (SnapDragon 3/29/02)
1. 569 (Nathan Ian Bowers 9/30/02)
1. 569 (cocoapuffs999 9/30/02)
1. 569 (Rogue7 10/1/02)
1. 569 (Mikepharvey 11/21/02)
1. 569 (Ahlyis 11/25/02)
1. 569 (Grenade Guzzler 11/26/02)
1. 569 (JimiThingR 11/29/02)
1. 569 (TomatoMan 12/12/02)
1. 569 (Dragorn 12/21/02)
1. 569 (SuperStein didnt get date)
12. 568 (topotheclass)
13. 557 (XquietusX)
14. 544 (spenser)
15. 532 (QYN)
16. 528 (redpichead)
17. 524 (Xel23)
18. 500 (DistantSpring54)
19. 477 (Ice Man)
20. 469 (Ferret5317)
21. 466 (Kingfisher)
22. 450 (jakemrjr)
22. 450 (smoky progg)
23. 444 (robluvsnic)
24. 439 (Lewellyn)
25. 436 (Destiny I)
26. 432 (marvelvscapcom2freak)
27. 423 (shyunein)
28. 411 (Secrano)
29. 410 (msword11)
30. 401 (yoshifan18)
31. 400 (greatmagnus)
32. 395 (acote80)
33. 386 (HCGamer)
34. 378 (Bio Hazard)
35. 377 (Trent Easton)
36. 376 (d2k3)
37. 375 (FlyingPastry)
38. 368 (MasterBowser782)
39. 364 (Mythos78)
40. 364 (squarex2003)
41. 356 (Monkey9)
42. 350 (Emmit310)
43. 348 (Otorock)
44. 329 (GasMan)
45. 310 (majorasmask)
46. 309 (BLAH38)
47. 306 (ShadowNinjaGuy)
48. 294 (pixel2)
49. 264 (niles)
50. 237 (KirbMaster)
51. 234 (tarot)
52. 227 (mvidal)
53. 217 (uttercow90)
54. 216 (piccolo87)
55. 198 (whitemage 200)
56. 189 (MajoraGannon)
57. 187 (cubehead100)
58. 164 (AdvanceGamer)
59. 154 (Skullkid)
60. 150 (luigi mario)
61. 149 (Mewst)
62. 139 (???)
63. 134 (PokeTrainerAlex)
64. 123 (northshark)
64. 123 (Baby Yoshi)
65. 121 (ekjl)
66. 000 (VenomFang3001 he reported it)

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/11/2003 7:11:38 PM

Part 2:

Forest Navel: Perfect score 482
1. 482 (Mikepharvey 12/27/02)
2. 470 (Rogue7 3/17/03)
3. 452 (Nathan Ian Bowers 11/3/02)
3. 452 (SuperStein)
5. 451 (Dragorn)
6. 439 (SnapDragon)
7. 430 (Ferret5317)
7. 430 (cocoapuffs999)
8. 420 (XquietusX)
9. 412 (Ahlyis)
10. 400 (TomatoMan)
11. 397 (redpichead)
12. 390 (JimiThingR)
13. 389 (Xel23)
14. 388 (Grenade Guzzler)
15. 380 (MasterBowser782)
16. 379 (robluvsnic)
17. 377 (Nai)
18. 375 (topotheclass)
19. 375 (Kingfisher)
20. 364 (PatricSim)
21. 349 (jakemrjr)
21. 349 (shyunein)
23. 335 (shortyschlosser08)
24. 332 (smoky progg)
25. 328 (soulja246)
25. 328 (d2k3)
27. 313 (Ice Man)
28. 306 (DistantSpring54)
29. 302 (whitemage 200)
30. 300 (Bio Hazard)
31. 298 (ShadowNinjaGuy)
32. 289 (yoshifan18)
32. 289 (BLAH38)
34. 277 (AdvanceGamer)
35. 274 (Otorock)
36. 270 (HCGamer)
37. 260 (Emmit310)
37. 260 (acote80)
38. 241 (Trent Easton)
39. 236 (tarot)
40. 233 (marvelvscapcom2freak)
41. 232 (pixel2)
42. 198 (spenser)
43. 172 (Sotek252)
44. 147 (DarKTsunG)
45. 144 (PokeTrainerAlex)
46. 123 (ekjl)
47. 097 (northshark)
48. 095 (Mewst)

Distant Spring: Perfect score 752
1. 620 (Mikepharvey 12/31/02)
2. 615 (Nathan Ian Bowers 12/15/02)
3. 582 (Ferret5317 5/10/02)
3. 582 (Rogue7 2/20/03)
5. 575 (SuperStein)
6. 565 (cocoapuffs999)
7. 554 (XquietusX)
8. 548 (Ahlyis)
9. 542 (Grenade Guzzler)
10. 516 (SnapDragon)
11. 514 (TomatoMan)
12. 507 (redpichead)
13. 501 (JimiThingR)
14. 482 (Nai)
15. 469 (MasterBowser782)
16. 447 (DistantSpring54)
17. 443 (topotheclass)
18. 441 (Xel23)
19. 439 (jakemrjr)
20. 437 (robluvsnic)
21. 402 (whitemage 200)
22. 399 (soulja246)
23. 397 (yoshifan18)
24. 370 (smoky progg)
25. 361 (Kingfisher)
25. 361 (Ice Man)
27. 346 (shyunein)
28. 345 (Bio Hazard)
29. 344 (Destiny I)
30. 325 (Emmit310)
31. 314 (d2k3)
32. 307 (Lewellyn)
33. 303 (Kalizam)
33. 303 (AdvanceGamer)
35. 300 (marvelvscapcom2freak)
36. 298 (ProkopTheGreat)
37. 276 (Trent Easton)
38. 273 (BLAH38)
39. 272 (HCGamer)
40. 259 (Sotek252)
41. 239 (spenser)
42. 228 (pixel2)
43. 204 (cubehead100)
44. 201 (PokeTrainerAlex)
45. 200 (ShadowNinjaGuy)
46. 188 (Otorock)
47. 177 (tarot)
48. 126 (ekjl)
49. 106 (northshark)
50. 019 (GBfanatic)
51. 000 (VenomFang3001 hey, he reported it!)

Final Trial: Perfect score 299
1. 299 (SnapDragon 2/1/02)
1. 299 (Ahlyis 4/23/02)
1. 299 (SuperStein 9/14/02)
1. 299 (Rogue7 9/16/02)
1. 299 (Mikepharvey 9/27/02)
1. 299 (cocoapuffs999 10/15/02)
1. 299 (Nathan Ian Bowers 10/29/02)
1. 299 (JimiThingR 12/12/02)
1. 299 (TomatoMan 12/17/02)
1. 299 (Dragorn 12/26/02)
1. 299 (Grenade Guzzler 1/7/03)
12. 295 (XquietusX)
13. 286 (MasterBowser782)
14. 281 (redpichead)
15. 278 (jakemrjr)
15. 278 (robluvsnic)
17. 267 (Ferret5317)
18. 266 (Lewellyn)
19. 262 (Secrano)
20. 260 (Ice Man)
21. 253 (supersonicfan)
22. 248 (Xel23)
23. 233 (shyunein)
24. 218 (Kingfisher)
25. 217 (RockMFR 5)
26. 214 (Trent Easton)
27. 213 (Emmit310)
28. 212 (DistantSpring54)
29. 209 (d2k3)
30. 202 (yoshifan18)
31. 197 (Mythos78)
32. 195 (acote80)
33. 194 (smoky progg)
34. 192 (marvelvscapcom2freak)
35. 190 (HCGamer)
36. 180 (BLAH38)
37. 175 (Bio Hazard)
38. 172 (Otorock)
39. 162 (tarot)
40. 155 (AdvanceGamer)
41. 149 (pixel2)
42. 147 (woggy222)
43. 139 (TopicMaster)
44. 137 (ShadowNinjaGuy)
45. 119 (squirreIboy)
46. 094 (Aardvark)
47. 009 (SwordsmanX) (what?!?!?!?! 9 in FT?!)

So, looks like Im ranked 26/18/28/16/28.

Oh, and BTW, the whole thing went into an 8th page in Word.

Posted by Master Bowser782 - 5/13/2003 4:10:17 PM

Nice job DS. Now i know what place im in in IS cause im so horrible at it.
"Well if I had a dime for every time that happened, I would be rich."~Homer Simpson

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/13/2003 7:13:18 PM

Don't worry, the score I first posted on IS when I first registered (183) would tie for 50th now.
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1695

Posted by cocoapuffs999 - 5/13/2003 8:44:51 PM


Just finished a DS run which was going great. When I went to kill manta at the end he squished 50 of my 56 pikmin! By the time I picked enough pikmin to get manta and the yellow 10 going time was up. I ended up with a 560. It should have been a 585! The max for my strat is 592. I am frying my brain to try to think how to get any higher.

Mike I was never able to see your awesome 620 DS video so I was hoping you or anyone who has seen the video could answer a couple of questions about your run.

How many frogs did you kill?

Did you collect all 8 10's?

How many of the puffy blowhogs did you kill?

Did you make 1 or 2 trips to the back area?( the place with the 2 frogs guarding the pearl)

Posted by TomatoMan - 5/14/2003 12:48:00 AM

Rogue sent me a pic of his scores a little while ago and I spaced on it. Sorry, Rogue!


Posted by TomatoMan - 5/14/2003 12:49:46 AM

DS, that's an AMAZING piece of work! Wow! Very well done!


Posted by Mikepharvey - 5/14/2003 5:33:53 AM

Mike I was never able to see your awesome 620 DS video

You should ask tomatoman for a dvd. its definitely worth the money.

How many frogs did you kill?

all but one. I left the one near the wheel shape in the water.

Did you collect all 8 10's?


How many of the puffy blowhogs did you kill?

only one, the one near the pearl which you need to build two halves of the bridge to get

Did you make 1 or 2 trips to the back area?( the place with the 2 frogs guarding the pearl)

I got most of the stuff back from there in one sweep. I do leave the mamuta and the red 10 to the end. Also the stuff on the left hand side of the area, like the red 10 where the pilots seat is, the frog next to it, and the dwarfs nearby and the blue 10 across the water i get while the aforementioned bridge is being built.

if you have anymore questions feel free to ask them.
Good luck anyway, i hope you will get 600 soon.

Posted by Rogue7 - 5/14/2003 8:48:53 AM

Thanks for posting my pic, TomatoMan!

cocoapuffs, it's great to have you back and see you on a rampage. What order do you get the pearls on DS? I get the two bridge one, the frog one, then the fiery blowhog one, which limits me to about 583.

Posted by Ahlyis - 5/14/2003 10:47:09 AM

DS - 562
Total - 2120

I managed this nice 562 while playing round two of the Pikmin Golf Tournament. The rest of my second round was a disaster, but this made it worthwhile anyway. :-)
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by cocoapuffs999 - 5/14/2003 3:10:33 PM

What order do you get the pearls on DS? I get the two bridge one, the frog one, then the fiery blowhog one.

I get the frog one, the double bridge one and then the fiery blowhog one.

Mike, I just tried a couple runs going into the back area to get the frog, the red and blue tens, and the dwarf bulborbs while the blues were building the double bridge. All my runs ended with no time left for for all the things in the big water area with the fiery blowhog pearl. I don't know how the heck you manage to make another trip to the back area an still have time to clear the big lake area.

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/14/2003 5:57:30 PM

I just thought of something in FN: I should be able to make a 372 without even going to the Libra/Analog Computer area. I'll try that soon.
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1695

Posted by robluvsnic - 5/14/2003 7:11:07 PM

I just thought of something in FN: I should be able to make a 372 without even going to the Libra/Analog Computer area. I'll try that soon

That was my strategy for a while: I just wanted to break 350, so I decided to skip that whole back area with the pearl, the two twenties and the two tens (plus I also skipped the yellow ten by the can). I aimed for 362, and eventually pulled the strategy off, albeit somehow I missed the blue one near the aforementioned yellow ten.

It's definitely a great way to get into FN, since it's an achievable goal, but still requires all the strategy and sorting skills that a higher score would need.
Please don't beat me!

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/14/2003 8:10:35 PM

Well, I did get the blue and yellow 10s by the bottle but I missed the red 20 on top of the place where the spiral thing is (I forget its name, Gravity Jumper?) and some other pellets, plus there was a lot of misfiling, but I did get a 303 which is just 3 less than my record which is pretty good for a brand-new strat.

</annoying run-on sentence>
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1695

Posted by Mikepharvey - 5/15/2003 7:30:59 AM

Cocoapuffs, i split the level into 4 quaters, and spent a quater of the day in each of them. I spend the first quater collecting stuff near the onions to get over 100 pikmin, the next quater i go into the back of the level and kill and collect most stuff, the next quater i get things near the two bridge pearl like the puffy and dwarfs, put pikmin on the bridges then go and get the remaining stuff from the back area, then go back and get the pearl, then i convert as much stuff to blue, and spend the last quater in the lake area, and at the end collect mamuta and red 10 pellet.

I find with this level that time left at the end can vary by enormous amounts, and a lot of luck is required to do everything quickly.

Posted by Master Bowser782 - 5/15/2003 4:31:31 PM

BTW DS how long did it take you to finish the complete list? You must've had a LOT of time doing this.
"Well if I had a dime for every time that happened, I would be rich."~Homer Simpson

Posted by DistantSpring54 - 5/15/2003 5:47:06 PM

It took me about 4 full hours. I think 1 hour Saturday morning and then from 3:00 to 6:00 Sunday afternoon. The good news is that I don't have to worry about it anymore, as it's done, and it's on my website now anyway so I don't have to post it anymore, only change the page.

I had the time because the school year is winding down (I get out June 5) and there's not that much homework near the end of the school year, and it doesn't usually take too long for me to do homework anyway.

Think about it this way: In the time it took me to do this, I could have played Forest of Hope 12 times.
Current Pikmin Challenge Mode High Score Total: 1695 (240/500/306/447/212)

Posted by Rogue7 - 5/16/2003 2:10:03 PM

Hey DS54, your website is sweet. I highly suggest everyone check it out (the link is in his sig above). One observation - For FN, I think scores for Ferret and JimiThingR are off. Also, I know for a fact that SnapDragon is male. You mention him as he/she, so thought I could clear that up. Excellent site, nicely done.

Posted by Master Bowser782 - 5/16/2003 4:04:54 PM

nice one DS54! But i have a question. For the Ban a Random User, does it ACTUALLY ban them? just curious.
"Well if I had a dime for every time that happened, I would be rich."~Homer Simpson

Posted by Ahlyis - 5/16/2003 4:29:02 PM

Woo Hoo. I'm on the random banning list! It took me about 50 attempts to actually see myself banned, but I'm there! Woo Hoo! :-)
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

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