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These are the full, expanded threads from the preserved GameFAQs threads. I had to exercise some wicked Perl voodoo to extract the actual text, bad HTML and all, from the archives provided by RockMFR 5 (and DistantSpring54), and patch up the code so it's valid. We couldn't preserve the links to the author name or message detail because they don't seem to work anymore.

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Posted by SnapDragon - 12/11/2001 2:15:59 AM

I'm just a little curious what people have achieved in Challenge Mode so far. I haven't really tried seriously, and probably won't, but I got a 202 on Impact Site. Anybody willing to beat this?

Posted by ekjl - 12/11/2001 10:56:42 PM

Everyone should post their scores.

Mine are:
The Impact Site: 69 (I find this stage hard to grow my Pikmins)

Forest of Hope: 121

(??)3rd stage =P : 123

Distant Spring: 126

Posted by tgeek12 - 12/12/2001 10:42:25 AM

Oh god, not another game for SnapDragon to compete at.... >_<


I've only tried it once, and I got 78 on Impact Site. I'll probably try it again sometime... ^_^

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Posted by Xeldagen - 12/12/2001 11:25:40 AM

I would post my challenge score, but I haven't taken it seriously yet. ::Gasp:: It's SnapDragon!
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Posted by luigi mario - 12/12/2001 5:59:38 PM

The Impact Site:79
Forest of Hope:150

Posted by DarKTsunG - 12/12/2001 6:19:47 PM

Forset Navel- 147
Slacker 4ever

Posted by GaIYIi31T - 12/13/2001 10:28:53 AM

Impact Site - Not tried Forest of Hope-210

Posted by GaIYIi31T - 12/13/2001 6:51:29 PM

Update Impact Site-118 Forest of hope 210

Posted by GaIYIi31T - 12/13/2001 7:19:45 PM

Another update :) Impact site- 142 Forestof hope-210

Posted by Mythos78 - 12/14/2001 2:47:54 AM

Yay, got 219 on Impact Site... the timer hit 0 'just' as I was sucking up the blue 20 pellet.

Posted by tarot - 12/14/2001 2:38:30 PM

Impact Site: 183
Forest of Hope: 234
Forest Navel: 236
Distant Spring: 177
Final Challenge: 162

Posted by slurpy007 - 12/14/2001 7:55:12 PM

well unlike smb i think i can take snapdragon in pikmin growing LOL

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Posted by majorasmask - 12/14/2001 9:21:41 PM

forest of hope 310
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Posted by SnapDragon - 12/15/2001 7:27:49 PM

LOL... yeah, here I am competing yet again, but not too seriously. :) 219 on Impact Site is sweet, Mythos! Way to go! I've been playing a ton of SSBM, but maybe I'll come back to Pikmin and try all the levels.

Posted by Mythos78 - 12/15/2001 8:41:16 PM

Heh, thanks Snap, though it 'has' been pretty much the only level I've been constantly trying and retrying! Knowing you, 202 was probably your first shot! :)

Posted by SnapDragon - 12/17/2001 12:27:03 AM

Haha. Not even close... I found it really difficult to get all three 20s and all three 10s in one day, but I finally got lucky and managed it. You must have some great Pikmin organizational skills. :)

By the way, <bump>. Might as well keep this topic alive.

Posted by out2lunch - 12/17/2001 1:58:10 PM

jeez snap and tgeek we have about all the same games lol!
i havent realy gotten into the challenge mode yet but i think ive gotten about sixty-something pikmin in the impact site
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Posted by Mythos78 - 12/17/2001 5:53:37 PM

Well Snap, it wasn't always like that. At the beginning I was only seperating with X button, I found that I was severely limiting my capabilities. Since it may not be so obvious to everyone, allow me to clear it up.

When you have a big group of Pikmin and you only want to throw one particular colour, walk over one of the preferred colours (your cursor colour, and the pikmin 'bubble' at the bottom of the screen will say what colour you're about to throw) and press and hold the A button, they will sort out into their own ranks without leaving your command. It also makes it easier to switch to another colour after doing this. Oh, and this may just be common sense, but try going for the bigger pellets first.

Basically, my strategy for starting a level is getting at least 30 of each colour (while upgrading to flower at every chance) and then going for the far away pellets first. It doesn't matter if you don't have enough of one colour (unless the pellet is surrounded by flames, water, or a high ledge.) You can always sort out the pellets back at base. Oh yeah, and once you have the 30 each, don't bother pulling anymore pikmin, it just wastes time. Anything over 100 automatically gets stored into the onions.

Hope somebody found at least some part of this mini-faq useful. Say, maybe I should write one.
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Posted by tgeek12 - 12/17/2001 8:16:38 PM

Well, I find that an extra 10 guys following you around doesn't hurt, but I'll only do it if all of my guys are carrying. While I wait for them to get back to the Onion, I'll pull the ones that are planted, and then I'll be able to carry more per trip. It doesn't help a lot, of course, but every little bit helps...

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Posted by Mythos78 - 12/18/2001 2:01:57 AM

True... I did say "at least" 30 of each colour. That way you can get hard to reach number 20 pellets if need be and some 5's or a 10 on the way. Naturally, it's totally modifiable. For example, on Impact, an even number is really good, but for the enemy-intense maps, more reds will certainly help.

Posted by Mythos78 - 12/18/2001 8:15:42 PM

Just got 364 in Forest of Hope. Anyone get any better?

Posted by Vincent vs alucard - 12/19/2001 10:39:16 PM

384 impact site i like the clams...
keep em coming
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Posted by Vincent vs alucard - 12/19/2001 10:40:28 PM

I ment 375
Alucard " shall not meet again "............................
Adrian F. Tepes

Posted by SnapDragon - 12/20/2001 5:44:42 AM

Got a couple of competitive scores:
Impact Site - 224
Forest of Hope - 412

Right now I'm thinking of optimizing the main game. I've somehow managed to get 5 parts and 140 Pikmin (most flowers) after the first two days; in theory, maybe getting 30 parts in 9 days is possible! Tough, though.

Posted by RockMFR 4 - 12/20/2001 12:38:54 PM

Oh god. Snap is going to probably be the first person to beat the game in 3 days or something.
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Posted by shortyschlosser08 - 12/20/2001 12:44:14 PM


beat that

!!!i sneez in the face of danger!!!

Posted by shortyschlosser08 - 12/20/2001 12:45:17 PM

i beat game in 1 day 8 hrs to be exact

Posted by Mythos78 - 12/20/2001 2:11:46 PM

Ahh Snap... thanks for raising the bar again. :) I was afraid you had stopped trying! Just to recap:
Site 219
Hope 364
Final 197

I didn't really try that hard for the last two... but I'm really going to have to scrounge to beat your Site score!

Posted by Mythos78 - 12/20/2001 7:19:19 PM

Sorry Snap, gonna have to bump you down again on Impact Site! :) 235, and I still had a few 5's and 1's that didn't make it. I have yet to beat your forest of hope though!

Posted by DAwolfe1 - 12/20/2001 10:57:12 PM

dang you Snapdragon! I dont have this game yet, but it seems you kik ass on every game! (i still wonder how evil u are to beat master mode in SMB so easy!) :)
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Posted by SnapDragon - 12/21/2001 8:19:04 PM

235 on Impact Site?? I think I speak for all of us when I say ACK. :) Well, I managed to get the 30 parts in 9 days (w00000t), so now maybe I'll finish up my Challenge Mode scores. And videotape and capture a few...

Posted by ekjl - 12/21/2001 10:13:16 PM

You guys are too good. I can't get near as high as any of you. Oh well, I haven't been trying that much either.

Posted by Mythos78 - 12/22/2001 3:48:54 AM

9 days... damn man... if that is indeed what you are. I'm probably dealing with some robot of sorts. Anywho, keep those scores up! It totally gets me into playing!

Posted by shortyschlosser08 - 12/22/2001 3:08:04 PM

can anyone beat my impact score???
"i sneeze in the face of danger!!!!!"

Posted by PokeTrainerAlex - 12/24/2001 3:12:17 AM

Snap's a vg god;)

Impact Site- 89

btw, Mythos, thanx for that mini faq. It saves a lot of time;)

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Posted by Liqwid - 12/24/2001 12:25:32 PM

CRAP. Damn. I almost beat Mythos's 235. I got 225. Damn you all. :-P Let's keep the scores coming, while I waste my Christmas Eve/Christmas away trying to place 1st on Impact Site.
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Posted by Mythos78 - 12/24/2001 4:16:52 PM

Hey Alex and Liqwid, thanks for the words! I'm glad that I was able to shed a bit of light onto challenge mode. As for the challenge mode score, 235 is definetely not unbeatable, but I'm still more interested in surpassing Snap's 412 Hope score, and his 9 day record.

As of yet, I haven't played for a while, but I think this is a worthy thread to keep alive.

Posted by PokeTrainerAlex - 12/24/2001 11:24:04 PM

ah, I forgot 'bout this one and posted on the other one. Here are my scores:
Impact - 89
Hope - 134
Navel - 144
Spring - 201

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Posted by SnapDragon - 12/25/2001 5:49:33 PM

Well, I finished taping the 9-day challenge. And while I was at it, I got some good scores on tape (maybe 50megs will let me post the vids):

Impact Site - 238
Forest of Hope - 438

I'm not sure how much further I can push these! Now I'll have to try the other three levels...

Posted by DarkFury3827 - 12/25/2001 6:29:51 PM

sorry for being naive, but who is snapdragon... a psycho who is good at everything? (meant in a good way of course... no nessisarily perfect...)
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Posted by Myst Erik Ery - 12/25/2001 8:02:53 PM

I believe there's a maximum Number of Pikmin in each stage, since there's only so many pellets/enemies. Thus, there is a strategy for getting what's worth the most, and getting it faster, evading the worthless enemies and defeating others quickly without any lossess.
Since there's a maximum, I'm going to go through each level with just Olimar to see what there is, and count up the maximum possible Pikmin Count at the end of the day to report them (surely people won't try to claim anything much higher than these!)

Question: Can you get more than one Pellet from the Irridescent Flit Beatle?
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Posted by ArchOwl27 - 12/26/2001 7:08:20 AM

errm... 225...????? no way.....

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Posted by SnapDragon - 12/27/2001 3:51:32 AM

Ok, I've finished working on all 5 levels... that was fun! Here are my scores, all on tape.

Impact Site - 238
Forest of Hope - 438
Forest Navel - 314
Distant Spring - 380
Final Trial - 290

Final Trial is a FUN one... with a fair bit of work, I've developed a strategy that lets me get every single enemy and Pellet (delivered to the proper colour) in the level! The only way to improve my score is to lose fewer Pikmin. And for my 290, I managed to only lose 10 or so, so it'll be tough to improve. I think this one will make a great movie.

I think that's it for me until somebody beats my scores. Get working! :)

Myst: That's a good idea, but I doubt anyone will ever get all the pellets and enemies except on Final Trial and (perhaps...?) Impact Site. Also, from what I can tell, you can knock a number of pellets out of the Flint Beetle before it goes under. (The 1st and 3rd times you hit it are both pellets) There's a limit to how often you can do this, of course, but I don't know what it is, and it would probably be impractical on a real run.

Posted by Mythos78 - 12/27/2001 1:01:19 PM

Well, I certainly have my work cut out for me. Of course, I'm glad to have great pikmin counts to work up to!

Oh, and btw, has anyone else had recurring dreams where you're a pikmin and there was no one around to pull you out of the ground? Scares the heck outta me.

Posted by The Champ - 12/28/2001 10:04:40 AM

Impact Site 253
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Posted by Slio9 - 12/31/2001 3:15:58 PM


Top possible scores in each area (This is if you got EVERYTHING in a area [all pellets to right colors] and 0 loses.

Impact Site=259
Forest of Hope=562
Forest Navel=482

More to come soon
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Posted by M002 - 12/31/2001 5:37:49 PM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by Nintendoholic123 - 12/31/2001 7:35:18 PM

For Champ and Silo... pardon me as I laugh my ass of.

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Posted by Nintendoholic123 - 12/31/2001 7:37:06 PM

Replace Silo with M002

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Posted by M002 - 12/31/2001 7:41:13 PM

Ack! That was a type-o I assure you! Instead of 241 I meant 141, but I more recently got 211. Sorry if it sounded like I was lieing, I guess I sorta was, by accident :)

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