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These are the full, expanded threads from the preserved GameFAQs threads. I had to exercise some wicked Perl voodoo to extract the actual text, bad HTML and all, from the archives provided by RockMFR 5 (and DistantSpring54), and patch up the code so it's valid. We couldn't preserve the links to the author name or message detail because they don't seem to work anymore.

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Posted by TomatoMan - 9/4/2002 11:40:23 AM

This topic bows reverently before SnapDragon, Pikmin champion and starter of the two hugely popular Challenge Mode Scores topics. The second one is nearly full now, meaning 1000 messages have been posted in total to the two threads. Awesome! I'm starting the new one up because SnapDragon isn't around right at the moment and we're out of time, so just pretend it says "SnapDragon" instead of "TomatoMan" in the list. :) Snap, if you reappear immediately and want to make a new one, do so and I'll lock this one.

From SnapDragon's introduction to the last Challenge Mode topic:

"Anyone is welcome to post their scores here and get some recognition, even if they're not in the running for the high-score charts. Don't be intimidated by the scores here; many of us have played each individual level hundreds of times, and there's no shame in not reaching that level of hardcoreness. :)"

The current high scores follow. I think a good policy to have is that for scores that claim to be in the top 3, some kind of verification is needed before the asterisk is removed; an asterisk next to a score indicates an unverified claim. A good method of verification is to post a photo showing the screen with the high score, and a napkin taped to the TV with your GameFAQs name and the date. Another good method is to set the high score and send a tape in for the DVD. :)

Where a new unverified score would have pushed someone off the list, their score has been preserved until the score has been verified. The current list (and apologies if I've missed anyone, but we update frequently) is:

Impact Site:
1. 278 (TomatoMan)
2. 273 (Snapdragon)
2. 273 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
2. 273 (Jimithingr)
2. 273 (Ferret5317)
2. 273 (spenser)
2. 273* (cork)
2. 273* (SuperStein)
2. 273* (cocoapuffs999)
10. 258 (Xel23)
11. 253 (jakemrjr)
12. 253 (Rogue7)
13. 230 (Lewellyn)
14. 221 (Ahlyis)
15. 220 (mvidel)
16. 216 (Otorock)

Forest of Hope:
1. 569 (Snapdragon)
2. 568 (topoftheclass)
3. 555 (Grenade Guzzler)
4. 544 (spenser)
5. 529 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
6. 528 (redpichead)
7. 510 (Ahlyis)
8. 509 (TomatoMan)
9. 493 (Xel23)
10. 492 (Rogue7)
11. 482 (cocoapuffs999)
12. 473 (SuperStein)
13. 469 (Ferret5317)
14. 439 (Lewellyn)
15. 436 (Destiny)

Forest Navel:
1. 442 (Rouge7)
2. 440* (Blackmage 200)
3. 439 (Snapdragon)
4. 398 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
5. 397 (redpichead)
5. 397 (Ferret5317)
7. 390 (Jimithingr)
8. 345 (Xel23)
9. 339 (jakemrjr)
10. 321 (cocoapuffs999)
11. 313 (Ahlyis)
12. 312 (TomatoMan)
13. 303 (AdvanceGamer)
14. 298 (robluvsnic)
15. 289 (BLAH38)

Distant Spring:
1. 582 (Ferret5317)
2. 516 (Snapdragon)
3. 507 (redpichead)
4. 501 (Jimithingr)
5. 470 (Nathan Ian Bowers)
6. 467 (Rogue7)
7. 443 (topotheclass)
8. 402 (blackmage 200)
9. 401 (Xel23)
10. 400 (jakemrjr)
11. 399 (Souja246)
12. 387 (TomatoMan)
13. 376 (cocoapuffs999)
14. 375 (robluvsnic)
15. 344 (Destiny)

Final Trial:
1. 299 (Snapdragon)
1. 299 (Ahlyis)
3. 281 (redpichead)
4. 278 (jakemrjr)
5. 267 (Ferret5317)
6. 252 (Lewellyn)
7. 243 (Rouge7)
8. 241 (TomatoMan)
9. 230 (cocoapuffs999)
10. 218 (Kingfisher)
11. 214 (Trent Easton)
11. 214 (Xel23)
13. 213 (Emmit310)
14. 190 (HCGamer)
15. 189 (Agent Wesker)


Posted by Ahlyis - 9/4/2002 11:48:53 AM

Ah good. Excellent intro TomatoMan. I'm shamed to admit it, but you did a much better job of the first post than I think I would have done. Kudos to you :-)

Ok everyone, let's get this new thread off with a bang. Let's see some high scores!
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by SuperStein - 9/4/2002 2:05:07 PM

GREAT! But.. ahh.. well... have to say this, I've only got a 264 on Impact Site... LOL! Haven't busted that beatle yet.. fix it up and I'll be happy, don't want a foul score ya know!

Posted by Xel23 - 9/4/2002 4:22:00 PM

Can someone on the Distant Spring highscore list wanna have their strat in my Challenge Mode Guide? Please, there's nothing there! Cuz it feels so empty without DS!
I am the Stupid Question Guru! Master of anything you can easily find a FAQ! All Frequently Asked Question knowledge is mine! # of Stupid Questions answered: 16

Posted by cocoapuffs999 - 9/4/2002 4:37:12 PM


I think your idea for some verification for the top 3 is a great idea.

I have just taken a picture of my 273 run with my digital camera for proof. Just give me your e-mail address and I will be happy to send the picture to you.

Posted by TomatoMan - 9/4/2002 11:11:37 PM

Well, I don't necessarily want to become the "arbiter" of high scores, but you can send it to me at <> if you like. Better yet would be to put it on the web somewhere and post a URL so people don't have to believe me. :)

- TM

PS. Sorry Stein, now you'll just have to get that 273 so I won't be a liar! Get cracking!

Posted by SuperStein - 9/5/2002 10:37:11 AM

YEAH! But... well... have to get that last trophy in SSB:M first, and Friday the 13th of September (coincidence?) i'm getting resident... EVIL!

Posted by SnapDragon - 9/5/2002 11:53:53 AM

Hehe... I don't think I really deserved to start the new topic, since I now only pop in every once in a while to say hi. Um, hi. :) Congrats on your new top score, Rouge! That must have been hard. I don't want to categorically deny that better than 442 is possible, but if there is a strategy for it, I certainly don't see it!

Posted by SuperStein - 9/5/2002 1:14:40 PM

Done! 290 on smash! I'm back on Pikmin now, gonna restart on Impact Site i think... wanna be a number 2 with you Snap, THAT is an honor!

Posted by Rouge7 - 9/5/2002 1:33:24 PM

Thanks, Snap! The hardest part was watching that yellow get trapped behind the pearl on my first 441 run. After that, whenever I closed my eyes I saw that clam chewing my lone pikmin and grinning at the corner of his mouth...

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/5/2002 2:01:46 PM

i cant do any better on fn. \_/
and i see that my claim is unverified
ok then.
no one likes my sigs
so i will use this.

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/5/2002 2:03:07 PM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/5/2002 2:04:20 PM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/5/2002 2:08:34 PM

[This message was deleted by a GameFAQs Moderator]

Posted by TomatoMan - 9/5/2002 3:35:38 PM

Post a screenie, blackmage! No-one's saying you didn't do it, we're just saying that it's unverified. It is unverified, right?


Posted by Secrano - 9/6/2002 8:33:18 AM

Do I need to send a picture with my highscores before I can post my records here?

Posted by Ahlyis - 9/6/2002 10:08:05 AM

Same as last time you asked Secrano, you only need some proof if you are trying to claim one of the top 3 spots. We might also ask for some proof if your scores are mighty suspicious, like every one of them is good enough for fourth place, but not third.

For the most part, just post your scores, even if they don't make the top 15.
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 11:26:30 AM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 11:27:56 AM

is:217 15th
do i need to verify this score as well?
no one likes my sigs
so i will use this.

Posted by Ahlyis - 9/6/2002 11:45:33 AM

That's a tough question Blackmage. Normally, I'd say no, not at all. But given that you've already had 2 posts (out of only 20 in the thread) moderated, you haven't shown anything to back up your claims on FN, and you've been rather less than cordial so far here, I'm inclined to say that yes, in your case, we need proof for any score.

I think many of us would probably be satisfied if you would just give a detailed walkthrough of how you got 440 on FN. We don't necessarily need a screenshot or video. A detailed walkthrough is usually sufficient to show that you really do understand the level and are capable of getting the score you claimed.
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by SuperStein - 9/6/2002 11:56:27 AM

Surprised myself now! Got a 271 on Impact Site on my second attempt, I'm trying to get the 273 before a take a pic.

I just couldn't hit that beetle enough! The damn thing hid by the fire jets by the 20 Red pellet! Well... gonna get it! Didn't have much time to spare, but enough!

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 11:57:25 AM

iv only had 1 message moderated
come and vote!

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 11:58:37 AM

and that was disruptive
it said...
which is now against the rules
come and vote!

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 11:59:30 AM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 11:59:48 AM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 12:01:27 PM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by Ahlyis - 9/6/2002 12:06:10 PM

You're right, the second was deleted at your request. My apologies on that.

But given that you just posted five messages when one would have been fine (the middle 3 say nothing related to the topic) I'd still say you are being disruptive.

You also still haven't honored our more than reasonable request to provide anything, even a walkthrough, of your FN score, though you now say you will do so.

Assuming you do, and it looks to be legitimate, then I'd think your scores would be fine and considered verified. I think Rouge7 or SnapDragon will have to have the final say on the validity though. I don't know that anyone else is good enough at FN to really know just what is or isn't within reasonable possibilities.
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 12:17:03 PM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 12:17:28 PM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/6/2002 12:18:40 PM

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by Ahlyis - 9/6/2002 1:01:24 PM

Um, that's not a walkthrough. That's a general guide, and a VERY general one at that. There is no way anyone would be able to follow that and get 440. If you want some acceptance around here, you're going to have to provide specific details. Read through some of the other walkthroughs for the top scores. See the kind of detail. We tell exactly which order to get things, exactly how many Pikmin to leave doing various tasks, exactly how to handle certain areas, etc. You have no details at all.

I know many people don't have the patience, inclination or skill to write a detailed walkthrough, and you may be one of those people. There's nothing wrong with that. But if that is the case, then we will require a screenshot before we can honor your scores. Sorry.
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by Ahlyis - 9/6/2002 1:08:43 PM

Um, posts are limited to 4096 characters, not 80 words.

Also, reading your 'walkthrough' just makes me even more suspicious. I admit that I'm not an expert at FN, but I do consider myself an expert at the game in general and have extensive experience on several other Challenge Mode levels.

When do you get the pearl? How many of each color do you use to get it? Which areas did you ignore?

Once you have 100 Pikmin, going after the nearby stuff first, then getting the further out stuff is suicide. Your walkthrough seems to indicate that that is what you are claiming to have done. In which case, I don't even need to hear from Rouge, I know flat out that 440 is IMPOSSIBLE with that sort of an attack! It doesn't surprise me that you have no screenshot available given that sort of attack. You have no screenshot because you have no 440.
I'm just a pigment of your imagination.

Posted by SuperStein - 9/6/2002 1:35:12 PM

To TomatoMan:

I'm proud to say that I've reestablished your reputation! You're no longer a liar, if u don't follow I'll just tell it to you, and all others:

Impact Site:

LOTS of time to spare, think I'll take that 278'er soon!

Gonna host a pic for it, just have to get some batteries for the camera!

Posted by Rouge7 - 9/6/2002 1:55:29 PM

Way to go SuperStein! Nice of you to restore TomatoMan's standing...

Posted by SuperStein - 9/6/2002 2:02:28 PM

Thanks, just thought it would be nice to have a correct first post of the new Challeng mode topic! ;)! But I think I'll have to get a better score soon though! It doesn't seem THAT hard, cuz I missed A LOT when I threw for the last 1' Blue! Yeah well, would be nice to have to on the first place on this level...

Posted by Rouge7 - 9/6/2002 2:03:41 PM

blackmage, I know you're not serious with that walkthrough, so give everybody a break. You have no reason to be so upset, everyone has been more than fair. I think you're a section 8...

Posted by TomatoMan - 9/6/2002 2:34:54 PM

See, I put Stein at 273 on purpose 'coz he's my boyee and I knew he had my back! :)

Congrats Stein!


Posted by SuperStein - 9/6/2002 2:48:23 PM

And soon I'll be by your side! I'm gonna get that 278. I swear! LOL! Seems like you people trust me here, that's good, put the pic will be up tomorrow. Maybe I'll have to take a new picture in the nearest future, i surely hope so!

Posted by SuperStein - 9/6/2002 3:12:50 PM

OH MY GOD!!!!!




TomatoMan, I've joined your club, picture will soon come up! I'm happy now, Impact Site has been totally cleared, I THINK!!!

Posted by Secrano - 9/6/2002 3:23:49 PM

You did it SuperStein! I don't have any high records, but this is my records:

The Impact Site - 242
The Forest of Hope - 411
The Forest Navel - Don't remember
The Distant Spring - Don't remember
The Final Trial - 262

Posted by TomatoMan - 9/6/2002 3:53:33 PM

Oh my frikkin' god.

I thought I'd be alone forever up here! Post that screenie double-quick! Make sure we can read your name and the date.

Congrats, baby! Woo hoo hoo!


Posted by cocoapuffs999 - 9/6/2002 6:18:27 PM

Great Job on your 278 SuperStein.
I almost got a 278 myself today. I had a five and a one inches away from the onion. 1 more second I would have had a 278. I ended up with a disappointing 271. I wil get a 278 though.

Posted by SuperStein - 9/7/2002 3:26:56 AM

I got the 278 on my first try to hit that beetle enough!
But... my name and date?

What's that supposed to mean, are u saying that I should take a pic of my TV with a note besides it which says
'7th of September 2002'

On it?


And about that screenie, you'll have to wait till this evening or tomorrow (GMT) cuz my brother has left WITH the didgital camera! ARGH!!!

Posted by cork - 9/7/2002 5:26:43 AM

Well done SuperStein!

After getting 273 I got sufficient hits on the beetle to go for the 278 on my first attempt, but wilted under the pressure. Since then I haven't got the required hits in what must be around 100 attempts. I have tried:

1. Using all my pikmin instead of just the blues to try and minimise the number of times I have to call them back.
2. Taking careful aim instead of hammering the button.
3. C-stick throwing.
I just seem to be getting worse at it!

Tomatoman or SuperStein - what technique did you find worked best for you?

PS. I haven't forgotten that I need to verify the 273 - I'm just having a little difficulty getting hold of a digital camera. Will sort out the situation soon though.

Posted by blackmage 200 - 9/7/2002 6:13:53 AM

oh i forgot to mention
i have no digital camera nearby
come and vote!

Posted by TomatoMan - 9/7/2002 10:59:26 AM

Stein - when Nathan did his 273s, and was the first to fill out all 5 of his slots with 273s, he taped a napkin with his name and the date on it to his TV and took a picture. That kind of established the easiest and best way to verify scores. So yes, what you described would be fine, so we can see that the scores are yours and the date for posterity. You'll have to write big so it's legible. My 278 at <> is actually a bad example because it doesn't have my name or date on it, although I put my TomatoMan hat on the TV for my 273. It was way early on before we had refined this process, though. I've still got those exact scores (haven't improved them :P) so I can take another picture if anybody wants - plus my video's out there, so I think that's pretty good for proof. :) For good scores, that's what we'd all like to see.

I can't believe you got 278 on your first try. Argh! :) I actually did have one run very early on in my tries where I thought I had it - I had collected everything and there was plenty of time to spare, but then I noticed that I had 276 and I was positive I hadn't lost any and they all went to the right place. I ran around in a panic and found a yellow pikmin next to a yellow 1 that had dropped from the flowers up between the yellow mountain and the blue 5. I had flung the yellow at the pellet much earlier, and he landed right on the wrong side of the exact boundary he would have picked it up at. Instead he fell asleep and the pellet sat there. By the time I found him and got him on it, the clock was at 3 and time ran out before he got back. I was screaming at the TV, let me tell you.

After that it took dozens and dozens and dozens - maybe hundreds - of tries before it all fell into place again. Congrats and curses on your easy success! (Try to do another. :)

Cork - on flint beetle strategy, I found that since he always drops blues, all blues worked best for me, otherwise I'd be fighting to keep reds away from the blue pellets that were dropping, and that was too much work. I bring one yellow down to get the yellow 1 by the back of the beetle area, and make sure to knock the multicolors down as blues so if blues land in the battle and wander off with them, it's OK.

My only other piece of advice is don't throw them too fast. It's hard not to, since you're so focused and furious at that point, but a slow rhythm of steady throws works best. When you hit him, he's on his back for a couple of beats and there's no good wasting pikmins on him there. Keep a slow and steady stream in the air. I think you've got to get a bit lucky about where he's going; in my 278 I threw ahead where I thought he might be headed and got lucky enough that I managed it. Usually I don't. I think I only got the 8th hit on him about once in 30 tries on average.

Also, don't forget that you can extinguish burning blues by whistling them, if any stray into the fire!


Posted by SuperStein - 9/7/2002 1:44:21 PM

Hehe... gotta take a pic soon! Well, the 278.. it was'nt THAT hard to hit it sufficient, I've hit it sufficient times many times after it! I've got a bit other tactic than you do u see.

Cuz, When the 3 10' come down from their plateau I pick ALL blues, go and take the 5 blue where the rocket usually is. Then i go back to the blu onion and pick my 10 new pikmin, then there are nothing more to pick at the blue onion anymore. And I have a blue army of 35 so I can hammer that beelte, with sum luck I might hit that b*itch enough for a new pellet.... but that's hard.

And don't be too frustrated, someone had to catch up tp you some time! I think I'll put a norwegian flag next to the telly too. :P ;)

Posted by SuperStein - 9/8/2002 3:24:19 AM

And here's that awaited screenie:

Posted by SuperStein - 9/8/2002 6:05:37 AM

New high, and new level:

The Final Trial:

Posted by Lewellyn - 9/8/2002 6:35:09 AM

New high, rather overshadowed by the 273 club:

IS - 241

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