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BREAKING NEWS: It has been reported that a sequel to Trogdor is under development in the highly secretive studios of Videlektrix! Will Rather Dashing get revenge against the Burninator for burninating his cottage? Check the Peasant's Quest trailer for details!

UPDATE: It's out!

(Make sure your PC has at least a 286 processor and supports 16 colors and CGA graphics for this one - upgrade now while there's time!)

In unrelated news, anonymous reader "jim" writes:

"u are a liar those screens are fake i know i've beaten the game! the higest level is 30 u are faker and a liar and u probily suck at the game so u have to fake it to make it look like your good u suck you're conceiced and think u must best at everything your a ass"

Thanks for writing, jim! Keep practicing!

(jim also writes "also at te title screen if u press Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A u start out with 30 lifes!" - we can't verify this, but we're assuming he's referring to the PS2 version of Trogdor.)

It may not be widely known that I am the planetwide champion of Trogdor, the Burninator. But I am. I have already retired from the game - in fact, I am presently on the talk-show victory tour, and negotiating a book deal and movie rights.

Trogdor is a very important game, however, and in my benevolence I have decided to allow you to grovel at my feet, and now that you are properly groveling, I will share my strategies with you so that you may strive for Trogdor mastery like me. (Note that I said strive, not acheive.)

Below is a screen shot of where I quit in my high score game. I wanted to see if it would turn over at 10,000 points. It didn't. Read it and weep, Ved. 10,192 points, on level 57, with 7 mans left. And please note that I sacrificed quite a few mans to produce the screen shots for this section.

Trogdor high score: 10,192