Causing trouble quietly since, um, 2003.
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About Trogdor

First, to explain Trogdor, you have to know about Homestar Runner. If you don't know Homestar Runner, go forth and learn, and come back here in a week or so after you've seen everything and have caught up.

Homestar Runner

Second, you have to know about Strong Bad and his emails. If you really went through the site, you saw them already, but if you haven't, go see them, and come back here in a week or so and carry on.

Strongbad Email

Finally, you need to see this particular Strong Bad email, and then view this toon in which we are introduced to the game.

After, and ONLY after, you have done all of the above, you are allowed to play the game.

Also, if you were born after 1975 or so, you aren't allowed to play it at all. Sorry. You won't understand. You kids think the Nintendo 64 was the first video game console. Don't get me started.