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Now that all but the most die-hard of us have stopped playing Pikmin, I can put this page up and hopefully not fear the bandwidth bill too much.

Briefly: Pikmin is one of the most original and innovative games ever created. You can find out plenty about it elsewhere, so I won't go into great detail here, other than to say that there are two main areas of activity: the "core" game itself, and Challenge Mode, in which you have one game day (which varies in length for each of the five levels) to collect as many pellets as you can.

A bunch of us who hung out on the GameFAQs Pikmin Message Boards started a discussion, and then an endless obsession, with acheiving the highest possible scores in Challenge Mode. We're pretty dang good at it.

These pages are all about Challenge Mode. General history is under "Challenge Mode." Information about the Challenge Mode DVD is under "Challenge Mode DVD," and the 9-Day, 0-Death DVD is under, uh, "9-Day, 0-Death DVD". "278" is the thrilling, chilling narrative of my Quest For 278, the first known maximum score on the first level (Impact Site), and some archives of the GameFAQs boards are under "GameFAQs archives".