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9-Day, 0-Death DVD

Well, I'm probably asking for trouble here, but I've gone and put another DVD together, courtesy of legendary Pikmin'er Ahlyis: the 9-Day, 0-Death DVD.

This DVD features days 2 through 8 (day 1 is omitted because it's always the same, no challenge, and there was barely room for the other 8 days) of the shortest possible run through the single-player Pikmin game, collecting all 30 of the ship's parts in the shortest amount of time possible, and with NO PIKMIN DEATHS. Not a one.

It's Pikmin Perfection, people.

NOTE: Radix37 has graciously encoded the days as individual, downloadable, and reasonably-sized DIVX videos, so if you're impatient, that's the faster way to go. Check out his page!

Pikmin DVD

In order to make it all fit in the 2 hours presently allowed by iDVD, I had to do some trimming: several of the days have the introductory "spaceship landing" bit removed, because that saved 30 - 45 seconds each time (yes, it was that tight). I also had to omit the endgame videos and so forth. I realize now that I also omitted the final endgame screen which shows the grand totals; sorry about that. You'll just have to take Ahlyis's word for it (and mine, since I ripped the videotapes) that it's all legit. Be cool and relax, okay?

How to get one

I'm just going to repeat exactly what I wrote for the Challenge Mode DVD section. I love copy and paste.

All right, here's the deal. I did this thing as a labor of love, and am willing to make copies for people provided we all behave reasonably. You have to understand the following:

  1. I am not a production studio. I'm one guy with one machine able to burn DVDs, and it's slow. I'm also on the road a fair amount, so it might take a couple of weeks. Be patient!
  2. This is not a professional production. I did it with an old VCR and iMovie and iDVD. The runs are no better quality than the original VCR tapes that the authors mailed me. (Still, it knocks the quicktime vids into a cocked hat, no doubt!)
  3. The DVD is free, and you are welcome to do whatever you want with it, including producing your own copies and distributing them under whatever terms you want. I am not making money doing this - however, I would like not to take losses on producing these things.
  4. If you got the DVD from someone else, and paid more than a small amount for media and shipping, you got ripped off. Sorry about that, but there's nothing I can do.
  5. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THE DVD WILL WORK IN YOUR PLAYER. If it doesn't, I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. The DVD is made with iDVD3 - see Apple's list of compatible players at - but even this is not a guarantee. I verify the burns for errors and test them on my laptop to be sure they work, but I can't test beyond that. Recent DVD players should work fine, but there are no guarantees.
  6. The DVD is region-free.

So here's the deal:

If you want me to burn a DVD for you and mail it in a used case within the U.S., $5 will roughly cover it (about $1 for the blank DVD, and $4 or so for postage and an envelope). I might actually eat a buck or so on this, but if you're strapped, $5 will be OK. If you want to throw a little more, that's fine and appreciated - surprise me.

If you want a freebie, send me a blank DVD of your own in a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and I'll burn you a copy on your media and mail it back to you.

If you're overseas, it will probably be closer to $10 (US) for international mailing. See the U.S. Postal Service calculator for rates to your country.

If I haven't convinced you otherwise, mail me at tm (at) for my address, and I'll tell ya where to send the five smackers (or whatever), and your DVD will be on its way soon.