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There can be no doubt that the finest Quake 1 map of all time is my first mapping effort, tmdm01. Unzip it and drop it in your id1/maps folder, and feel the love!

Check these awesome screen shots, baby.

view 1 The melée room, seen from the top of the ladder. The RL and YA are down there. Thrill to the broken pillar on the floor! I worked really hard on that. The bottom rung on the ladder is broken. This confuses the hell out of bots.

view 2 The courtyard. The quad is up on the top left, at the exit of a wind tunnel you enter from somewhere else. Go for the quad, but you're going to get flung out into the courtyard and everyone will see and hear you coming, so come in guns blazing!

view 3 The basement. The quad wind tunnel is in the ceiling; jump up to trigger it. LG and GA here.

view 4 The pool in the courtyard holds the RA. Notice how square and linear the edges of the pool are. This is because Quiver didn't have vertex editing and I was out of energy to deal with carving polygons. Ah well.

God, I love this level! Nobody will play it with me.

There was actually a tmdm02 under way. I liked it too. Never finished it. Maybe I'll pick it up again some day. Maybe I won't. Nothing but a brilliant future behind me. What is one to do?