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D2 Rune Tool

Base controls

Check off the runes you have, set any options you like, and click "do it" to see what you can do with your runes.

El rune El Ith rune Ith Amn rune Amn Io rune Io Pul rune Pul Vex rune Vex Jah rune Jah
Eld rune Eld Tal rune Tal Sol rune Sol Lum rune Lum Um rune Um Ohm rune Ohm Cham rune Cham
Tir rune Tir Ral rune Ral Shael rune Shael Ko rune Ko Mal rune Mal Lo rune Lo Zod rune Zod
Nef rune Nef Ort rune Ort Dol rune Dol Fal rune Fal Ist rune Ist Sur rune Sur  
Eth rune Eth Thul rune Thul Hel rune Hel Lem rune Lem Gul rune Gul Ber rune Ber  

Check base runes on submit (El through Ort, in addition to what's checked above; a shortcut for convenience)

Advanced controls

If you want more control over the results, use the options below in addition selecting your runes above.

Include Runewords
Include Crafted Item Horadric Cube recipes (recipes use up to Sol)
Include Horadric Cube upgrade recipes involving runes
Include plain old runes themselves

Items to list:

Text search:

Note: the text search can be a Perl regular expression, which allows for powerful pattern-matching. Text Search obeys the Items To List setting above, so select "ALL" if you just want to browse everything, or one of the other options to search what you have or are close to based on your runes.
(Some search examples: "skills", "\d+% enhanced damage", "(life|mana) stolen", "ancient's pledge", "(weapon|sword)", "\+(2|3).*skills", "knockback", etc)

Base item type filters: check one or more of the following to only include items/recipes of matching type. (Note that runewords and upgrade recipes use only armor, helms, shields and weapons; the remaining types are for crafted items only).


Runeword socket count filters: This is handy if you want to find out what you can do with your three-socket armor. Check one or more of the following:

2 sockets
3 sockets
4 sockets
5 sockets
6 sockets

Note: Each of the above filters is applied in turn, so searches must match ALL criteria. If you search for "ancient's pledge" with the "weapons" checkbox set, it will not turn up because it will look for "ancient's pledge" AND "weapons". Likewise, if you just want to SEE "ancient's pledge" without checking off the runes it contains, make sure "runewords to list" is set to "ALL" instead of "complete" or "partial".

Select up to three sort sequences if you wish to order the results:


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