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This is TomatoMan's playground. For now, if it doesn't have to do with video games, it probably isn't here.

Latest change

June 10, 2016: As a point of pride, will continue ... as a plain-text, hand-maintaned HTML site (and did anybody notice the groovy SSL and green lock, courtesy of LetsEncrypt?). The D2 Rune Tool works again, now that it's back on my own server. Rackspace disabled cgi years ago, but I'm keeping it going.

It is only fitting to note that I did just recently reinstall D2. Blizzard saw fit to make a version that runs on OSX and Windows 10, so I feel duty-bound to resurrect 10 years since the last update? It still works.

January 8, 2006: I'm still hooked on D2. Not much else is new. I'm not proud. Being in the tiny minority of players who don't cheat, or use (or trade for) duped or hacked items, I'm still kind of sucky. Anyway, curse Blizzard for perfecting the dungeon crawl.

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